10 Baby Shower Ideas That You NEED to See

One of the most exciting moments for a mommy-to-be is the moment she walks into her baby shower! While it’s nice to be surprised, I always felt like it was nice to have a hand in the planning. This way, it ensures you get what you’ve always dreamed of. After all, a momma only gets one shower in her lifetime! 

Read on to learn about 10 baby shower ideas that you need to see so you can consider throwing one of your very own!

1. Alice in Wonderland

An Alice in Wonderland themed party is great for moms expecting either gender (or an unknown gender for that matter) because you can center everything on tea. Think tea sandwiches, hot and cold tea blends, bite sized desserts and appetizers-the sky's the limit. You can spread out all kinds of mix-matched tea cups and saucers, as well as unique floral arrangements. Don’t forget to invite guests to wear their favorite “mad” hat!

2. Spa Day

Slightly different, but ultra-indulgent and relaxing; a spa themed baby shower is a fun alternative to a traditional shower. Guests show up in robes and enjoy some pampering with the expecting mom. Think facials, massages, and pedicures. You can enjoy aromatherapy as you open up your gifts too!

3. Board and Brush

A board and brush shower is fun when hosting a shower on a smaller scale. Book one of these art facilities that allows you to not only bring your own snacks and drinks, but participate in a guided paint session to create awesome and sentimental signs for the new baby. 

4. Nursery Sip and See

If you want to host something a bit more elegant, why not consider hosting a nursery sip and see shower? Your guests are invited to view your set up nursery and actually place their gift where it belongs (so in essence, they are helping you get organized). Pass out some tasty cocktails and be sure you enjoy a non-alcoholic one as well!

5. Couples Party

A great way to make your spouse and his friends feel involved in the pregnancy process is by hosting a couple’s shower. While the guys enjoy some brews and do “man” things in their own area, the gals are free to gab and gush over the newly arriving baby. Gather couples together when it’s time to cut the cake and open gifts, and even get the guys involved in some games. 

6. Baby Boutique Bash

Have a favorite local or online baby boutique you like to shop at? Why not have your baby shower there? Guests can shop and enjoy celebrating your little bundle of joy. Boutique owners may offer guests a significant discount to shop and your guests may even take the opportunity to pick up an item or two for you to enjoy!

7. Lucky in Life

This lottery themed party reminds you just how lucky you are in life to become a mom soon. Have guests fill a card with lottery tickets in addition to bringing you traditional shower gifts. Who knows? Maybe you’ll strike it rich and your child’s future college tuition will get covered? Here’s hoping!

8. Maternity Luau

Great for summer showers, a luau doesn’t disappoint. Great for the gals or even appropriate for couples; a luau is fun and festive (and ultra-affordable). Roast a pig, gather some leis, and play Hawaiian music. Don’t forget to light some tiki torches and encourage some hula dancing from guests. 

9. Baby Sip and See

Similar to a nursery sip and see; a baby sip and see brings guests into your home (all at one shot) to meet and greet your new bundle of joy. Many modern moms are enjoying this concept because it allows them to keep their baby’s gender and name a secret prior to giving birth. Friends and family can shop for items that are needed and also set them up in the nursery upon their arrival. 

10. Time Capsule Party

Super sweet and totally thoughtful, a time capsule party allows your guests to write well wishes to your baby, as well as hopes for their future, advice, and what they think they will be like as a young adult. Once your child turns 18, dig up the capsule and enjoy reading through the treasures that have been buried. 

You don’t have to have a traditional baby shower. Friends and family will be happy to help you have the baby shower that you’ve always wanted and deserved. Consider these 10 baby shower ideas that will not only turn heads and be ultra-memorable; but will be equally fun to plan and attend!

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