3 Taboo Topics You Must Only Discuss Anonymously Online

Social media platforms give us the luxury of sharing our thoughts and opinions unfiltered, but that does not mean one must discuss every topic on their social media timelines. There are a lot of topics out there that are sensitive and our considered taboo. If you discuss those topics on your social media wall, you are highly likely to get into an argument with a stranger or a friend. 

Having an argument with your friend could result in you losing that friend, and if you are arguing with a stranger, you could inherit a stalker or worse. While it is always a good thing to share your honest opinion, keeping the society in mind, one should talk about sensitive topics anonymously. There are a lot of platforms out there that let you become an anonymous blogger. Let’s take a look at a few topics that you should only talk about anonymously.

Religious Criticism

If you want to share your thoughts on religions overall or a certain religion, you should do it anonymously. Criticizing a religion can hurt the followers, and it is not just their feelings you should worry about. There will be followers who would not take it lightly, and they may start harassing you. That is why it is better to share those opinions anonymously.

Unconstructive Criticism of A Public Figure

You are allowed to criticize a public figure, just focus on constructive criticism. If you are just complaining mindlessly about them, not only will you come across as petty to your friends and other social media followers, but you will lose credibility as well. Also, if you say something wrong and it gets popular, you can have a lawsuit on your hands. So if you want to vent about a certain public figure, do it anonymously.

Unpopular Political Opinions

If you have a political opinion that is unpopular or looked down on, then you shouldn't share it openly. Political parties have some really dedicated followers, and you do not want to start a debate with them on your Facebook page. Doing it on an anonymous platform will help you keep those political fanatics away, and it will be easy for you to find a person who shares your opinion.

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