4 Annoying Clothes Problems And How To Solve Them

I truly believe that ‘parent’ should be a skill that you put down on your resume. Being a parent pretty much means you have to be good at all sorts of different things - especially multitasking. Every day brings problems of some kind that must be sorted. 

With a big family, you’re often faced with clothes problems. There are loads of annoying things that happen, and it’s up to mom to fix them! No matter the issue, there’s always a solution. 


Anyone with kids will know that stains are a persistent pain in the backside. There are grass stains, liquid stains, food stains, and even oil stains from their bikes. Thankfully, you can get rid of pretty much any stain there is. Things like lemon juice, baking powder, vinegar, and many other household items are great when it comes to removing stains. My top tip for any wet stain is to soak it up with baking powder and then attack it with hot water. For grass stains - which are common when you have kids - a bit of toothpaste does the trick. 

Broken Zippers

Having a broken zipper on a jacket is possibly the most frustrating thing ever. Especially when the rest of the jacket is in perfectly good condition. You can’t really wear it in bad weather as it won’t zip up, but there’s no way you can chuck out a great jacket! Instead, have a look for the best jacket zipper repair service in your area. Take it to a local shop, get the zipper fixed, and enjoy a jacket that’s good as new. Normally, I suggest trying to fix things yourself, but zippers are quite complicated, so let the pros take control. 

Rips and Holes

Again, this is something you experience when you have kids. Every time you do the laundry, you find there’s a rip or hole in one of their clothes. Luckily, you only need some basic sewing skills to repair ripped pieces of clothing. However, I think prevention is a better idea. Be careful when washing clothes, as you could be making the material weaker, which is why holes are appearing. My advice? Wash at the lowest temperature there is, unless you have heavily soiled clothes. 

Faded Colors

It can feel like someone has punched you in the gut when your favorite pair of jeans has faded. This happens a lot, and it can be tops, pants - anything. Now, once again, prevention is the best route to take. Maybe dry clean some of your clothes to prevent fading, or at the very least turn them inside out. Can you cure faded clothes? Yes, but it’s not easy. If the item is only one color, you might be able to dye it again. Find clothing dye that matches the color, and give it a go. It’s not a guaranteed fix, but if your clothes are already faded beyond use, then you may as well try. 

These four annoying clothes problems are very common in my household, but what about yours? If you suffer similar issues, then I hope my advice has helped you out. Now, your kids will herald you as Supermom for bringing their favorite clothes back to life!

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