4 Things That Set Blue Apron Apart From Other Meal Delivery Services


How meal delivery service work

Meal subscription services work more or less the same. Their chefs prepare healthy, delicious and well-balanced recipes. The company does grocery shopping, and ships you all the ingredients you need to prepare the meal.

All meal delivery services deliver to nearly all US zip codes. Also, they ensure ingredients retain freshness for up to twenty-four hours after delivery (just in case you aren't home) and four to five days after refrigeration.

One drawback to consider is the packaging's impact on the environment. Ice packs and foam liners are used during shipping. Some recycling facilities accept the foam some don't. For the ice packs, you can reuse them; however, once you amass over a dozen, you'll be musing on how to utilize them.

Different meal delivery companies may offer similar services nonetheless; some variations in certain aspects may differ.

Here are four things that set blue Apron apart from other meal delivery services.

1. Blue Apron cost the least

According to Blue Apron's PR rep, their company is the most prominent recipe and fresh ingredients delivery service in America, delivering more than 800,000 meals monthly to 85% of locations in the country. 

The company's popularity is down to two main factors; they're damn good and charge the least.

Upon signing up, Blue Apron will deliver weekly boxes filled with ample ingredients and step-by-step cooking directions for three meals for 2, 4 or 6 people.

Two people meals cost $9.99 per person. The four-person meal goes for $8.74 for each meal per person.

In a nutshell, three meals for two (six meals) sets you back $59.94 including shipping charges.

Here are more numbers: Blue Apron conducted an extensive survey on the cost of ordering meals via their delivery services versus buying the ingredients for similar meals yourself. Results revealed that clients who cooked the same dinner with the precise portions – while carrying out their shopping – spent 60% more than they would have if they had made their order via Blue Apron.

2. Blue Apron offer variety and easy to fix meals

You can choose your diet preferences to guarantee you don't pick up anything that you don't eat such as shellfish, red meat or fish. However, you've little control over individual meals. Meals of Blue Apron to prepare meals with ingredients readily available at your local grocery shop. For those who eat just about anything can have their box packed with Turkish lamb burgers, seared cod piperade and chicken hiyashi chuka for instance.

Meals take just the appropriate time to cook – under three-quarters of an hour from box to plate.

Not all meals take such a short time to prepare, and some may take longer than indicated, say an hour and a half.             

3. Good quality and diversity

On their website, Blue Apron state they source ingredients straight from importers, family-run purveyors, and farms. The company prides itself in working with over a hundred family-run farms that utilize regenerative farming techniques. Most of their ingredients are organic.

4. Alternative for people with dietary limitations or gluten-free 

Blue Apron offers an all-vegetarian plan for two. The meal delivery company doesn't provide other specific diet plans as of now.   

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