4 Top Relaxation Tips if You’re Struggling to Switch Off

Relaxation is often easier said than done, especially if you have a busy mind which never seems to want to let go. Here are 4 great tips if you need a little relaxation inspiration. 

1. Pinpoint Areas of Your Life Which You Need a Break From 

You won’t be able to relax if you’re not fully honest or aware about the areas of your life which you need to switch off from. Switching off from work is essential when you’re spending time at home, and it’s perfectly acceptable to want time alone every now and again without the pressures of social obligations. 

So, if work is preventing you from relaxing, be sure to avoid taking your work home with you and avoid checking any emails or related correspondence. If you need time alone to relax, be honest with your friends or family that you’d like an evening at home and to any unnecessary plans. 

If you really need to get away from everything, a vacation is the perfect way to embrace your downtime. 

2. Be Honest with Yourself About What You Like to Do 

There is a lot of pressure these days regarding how you choose to live your life — especially when you’re exposed to social media. This means you may be putting a lot of pressure on yourself regarding what you should be doing in your personal life. Perhaps an evening’s relaxation to you simply means lying on the couch watching your favorite program, but you feel as though this might be lazy or uninspired compared to what your friends or people on social media are doing. 

Relaxation will only come from being honest with yourself about how best to relax. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a long bath, binge-watching a show on TV, playing games in online casinos or doing yoga. Whatever relaxation means to you, embrace it and be sure not to compare it to what other people are doing.

3. Create Your Relaxation Space 

Your mind is very much affected by your environment. This means that if you’re trying to relax in a place which your mind associates with something else, this may be the reason you are struggling to switch off. For instance, if you work from home and have an office, it can be easy to still be in your work frame of mind if you are surrounded by things which remind you of work. Or, perhaps, a busy household and shared living area means that you can’t fully focus on your own needs when you’re in that space.

Instead, try to create a space or room which is dedicated completely to your relaxation and which you use for nothing else. You could transform a spare bedroom into your personal haven or you could use an outside space like a balcony or decking area to dedicate to your favorite pastimes in good weather.

4. Switch Off (Literally) 

Even if you manage to find time for yourself and create the perfect environment, your phone can serve as too much of a disruption. If you need to use your phone for your own time, then consider turning off notifications or popups, or at least switching to ‘Do Not Disturb’, so you can browse comfortably without distraction. Use your computer or tablet for browsing instead of your phone so that you can take a break from it. 

Emails, messages and correspondence popping up will only remind you of other pressures and responsibilities, especially if they are regarding work or social obligations.

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