4 Ways Your Kids Can Eat Healthy When You Can’t Cook

If you are concerned that mediocre cooking skills will affect your child’s health in the future, there are many cooking hacks that you can use to ensure that your children eat well, even if you are no Gordon Ramsey. This article will explain some of the top ways that you can feed your child in a healthy manner without the hassle of being in the kitchen. 

1. Take the Kids to Healthy Restaurants 

If you do not cook due to a lack of time or inclination, you may frequent restaurants and fast food chains much more often than you would like. However, while you might believe that these will automatically make your child’s dinners unhealthy, there are many healthy restaurant options opening that can benefit your child’s diet. Rather than opt for large fast-food chains that sell greasy burgers and fried chicken, you should consider looking into organic and homemade food options in your local area. However, being healthy does not mean giving up your favorite food, and everything from burgers to noodles now have healthier restaurant chain options. Neds Noodle Bar, for instance, provides an extensive menu of healthy food options for families, including vegan and vegetarian menus. 

2. Consider School Dinners 

If you want to avoid cooking but still want to ensure that your child has a hot dinner every day, you should consider investing in school dinners. Although school dinners used to have limited regulations, meaning that they often contained a high amount of salt and other negative ingredients, there has now been substantial changes to create healthier dinners for children during the school day with the Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act. Many schools also have milk schemes, where your child can consume a carton a day during break. For a cheaper option, you should provide your child with a simple packed lunch, containing items such as sandwiches, a dairy product like cheese or yogurt, and a piece of fruit. 

3. Add Healthy Extras to Their Diets 

Getting your kids to eat healthily does not always mean cooking extravagant meals, and there are many simple ways to do so, such as adding healthy extras to their diets. For instance, replacing sugary snacks with fruit and cooking a small portion of vegetables such as peas are simple options that can ensure that your child has the nutrients that they need. Not only this but making healthy smoothies for your child is an excellent way to allow them to get all the nutrients that they need in one quick and easy-to-make drink. 

4. Encourage Kids to Help with Cooking 

To make cooking more enjoyable, you should consider allowing your children to help you to prepare all of your daily meals. Not only will this teach them how to cook, but you can use it as a learning opportunity to teach children about the best ways to eat healthily and choosing the right ingredients. To find kid-friendly recipes, there are a number of good kid’s recipe books and recipes online that have been created especially for different age groups. 

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