5 of the Best British Foods to Try

If you’re planning a trip to the UK, then you’ll want to make sure you experience all that British cuisine has to offer, from delicacies and main meals to delicious traditional desserts. Many people wouldn’t have British food as their first choice, compared to the upscale offerings of France and Italy, for example, but British cuisine is actually varied and very appetizing. 

Here are just a few suggestions to try during your next visit. 

1. Gastropub Food
No trip to the UK would be complete without a visit to a traditional English pub, serving home-cooked, hearty food and a great selection of ales and beers. This sort of menu will offer you tasty items such as wings, burgers, and chicken skewers. For the best experience with this kind of food, ensure you head out to one of the best British pubs, such as in Surrey.

2. Full English Breakfast
This is ultimately just a huge plate of every breakfast ingredient, served together – and there’s nothing wrong with that! Of course, if you don’t want everything, you can request for certain items to be omitted from the plate, but then, of course, you might not be getting the “full” experience. Expect to be served with sausage, egg, beans, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast and black pudding, to name a few. 

It’s also traditionally a great remedy for an aching head after a long night on the British ale and beer.

3. Fish and Chips
Sure, this isn’t an extravagant and expensive option, but it’s cheap and cheerful. Plus, when done right, it can be truly delicious. It can be hit and miss for a lot of chip shops in the UK, as some won’t do the fish as well as other places will. It’s recommended to do your research on the best fish and chips places in the UK and head for the tastiest. Couple this with a stroll along the seafront while trying to avoid a seagull making off with your chips, and you’ll have a beloved British experience. 

4. Sunday Roast 
The Sunday carvery selection is a big deal in Britain, and most households will ensure they have a classic Sunday roast for the family every week. The perfect Sunday roast includes a variety of vegetables, gravy, Yorkshire puddings, and either one main meat, or perhaps a selection of three depending on how hungry you are. 
Most Sunday roast dishes can be found in pubs and restaurants during weekends if you don’t feel like trying to cook this at a self-catering accommodation. Choosing to have a roast in a mainstream restaurant also ensures you get the best selection of meat and sides for your dish. 

5. Scones
For something sweet and British, try a scone served with jam and cream, and couple with a cup of tea if you want the full traditional experience. You, of course, have the option to have a scone plain or with something else, but it’s best served with strawberry jam and clotted cream. 

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