5 of the Best Restaurants in the Gaslamp Quarter

San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter is a historic neighborhood that’s home to some of the best restaurants and entertainment the city has to offer. This scenic area is a hotspot for locals and tourists alike, and once you discover the history, culture, and ambiance it has to offer, you’ll see why. We’ve put together a list of the Gaslamp’s best; five restaurants that will leave you in food heaven and keep you coming back for more. 

1. Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine 

First on our list is a quality seafood restaurant known for tasty, professionally crafted dishes and a sea-themed atmosphere that will make you feel closer to the ocean. The excellent food at this San Diego restaurant leaves something to be discussed, whether it be the grilled salmon, new york strip steak, or hand-rolled sushi. 

The restaurant also boasts an impressive drink list, complete with signature cocktails, dozens of fine wines, and bourbon. Whatever you drink with seafood, you’re sure to find it at Lionfish. A winner of the Diner’s Choice Award in 2017, this establishment has gained a solid reputation for excellence and quality of service hardly matched by its competitors. 

Lionfish is located on Fifth Ave. in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, and is open seven days per week; Sunday-Thursday from 5-10 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 5-11 pm. Stop in today for amazing seafood, a relaxing atmosphere, and a drinks list to quench any thirst. 

2. Biga 

If you’re craving Italian food, Biga is one of the city’s best Italian Restaurants, located conveniently in the city’s Gaslamp Quarter on 6th Ave. Sporting an impressive menu of authentic Italian cuisine, housemade pasta, and locally sourced ingredients, it’s easy to see why this restaurant made the top five list. 

With two wood-burning ovens, authenticity is no joke at Biga. The wood-fired ovens give the food a one of a kind, authentic taste that you won’t find anywhere else. Locally sourced ingredients make up the bulk of this restaurant’s supplies, ensuring freshness and the highest quality to present you with incredibly tasty dishes time and time again. 

Biga has been featured in magazines and reviews many times over, often listed as one of the best Italian restaurants in the city of San Diego. Whether you’re looking for lunch, dinner, or something in between, Biga’s menu has something to offer everyone at any time of the day. 

Biga is open Tuesday-Friday from 8 am-2 pm for coffee and pastries, 11 am-2 pm for lunch, 5 pm to close for dinner. Saturday and Sunday have the same hours, and the restaurant is closed Mondays. 

3. The Morning After 

If you’re looking for a truly unique menu, this breakfast bar has some...let’s say different options for you. From Fruity Pebbles-topped pancakes to Cinnamon Toast Crunch brioche toast. All manner of eggs and other breakfast food are also provided, with a cocktail list of unique drinks to spark wonder and excitement. 

This restaurant has become a popular attraction in the Gaslamp Quarter, so much so that you may actually need to book a reservation ahead of time to get a seat. Reservations are made easily via the website, and from there you can also view the diverse menu. 

The Morning After is open daily at 8 am for breakfast, closing at 2 pm. On Friday and Saturday, the bar is open from 9 pm to 2 am, so you can experience your favorite drinks and any of the many events the venue hosts. 

4. Pushkin 

Russian food isn’t exactly the most popular option in most American cities, but that doesn’t mean it’s no good. At Pushkin, you’ll experience the finest in authentic Russian cuisine, with service staff to help guide you through your menu choices and provide excellent customer service throughout your visit. 

This restaurant is one of the only Russian establishments in the city, so if you’re a fan of the Russian variety, you’ll want to visit Pushkin. The restaurant’s menu boasts an impressive collection of Vodka and authentic Armenian and Russian foods to satisfy your cravings. 

The interior is very relaxing, with soothing interior design and a calm atmosphere to help put your mind (and your taste buds) at ease. Since 2015, the restaurant has been providing an authentic Russian dining experience to its patrons and has grown to one of the most popular Russian-American destinations anywhere. 

Pushkin is open Monday through Sunday. Monday-Thursday 5-10 pm. Friday 5 pm until 12 am. Saturday 11-12 am. Sunday 11 am to 10 pm. 

5. The Hopping Pig 

Last, though most certainly not least, is The Hopping Pig, a pork-centered restaurant with some of the finest barbecue in the city. This crafty gastropub sports an impressive selection of craft beers, burgers and other American dishes, and a unique atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else. 

Happy hour is 11 am to 7 pm and includes $4.50 select pints, $1 off all craft beers, and $3 tacos or sliders. What’s not to love about that? The pub’s craft beer selection will leave you wanting more, and the kitchen is open until midnight for those late night food trips. 

The Hopping Pig is located on 5th Avenue in San Diego and is open 365 days a year from 11 am to 1 am or later. Valet parking is also available for $10. Stop in today and try some of their famous pulled pork! 

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