5 Reasons Diets Are Decidedly Dreadful

Is there anything worse than a diet? The process of starving yourself to lose weight is pretty harrowing. No one wants to do it yet we all think it’s necessary to burn calories and slim down. Let’s face it – it’s hard to accept you’re not the Gigi Hadid of this world. But, starting a diet is one thing and sticking to it is another. And, once you do give in, then you feel ashamed and guilty that you couldn’t stick with the program.

The wrong plan can ruin a girl’s self-esteem. Just as bad, it can waste your time and mess with your mind. Yep, there is nothing worse than a diet! There is a telling reason for this: they’re unnecessary. Women think they need to take drastic measures to lose fat yet the truth is a few basic tips can work wonders. All a girl needs is the info and the confidence to give them a try. Come on – it can’t be worse than starving to death, right?!

Here are the five things you can do to lose weight without going on a diet.

Switch Cuisines

Western food, such as burgers and pizzas, is stodgy and full of carbs. That’s because there is a lot of bread and no real vegetables or fat-fighting ingredients. Sure, it’s delicious but a moment on the lips lasts forever on the hips. Thankfully, there are cuisines which are inherently healthy and just as tasty, and you can start eating them today.

The trick is to choose the right one, the one which you will eat even when it gets a little boring. Japanese food with its use of rice and fish is a nice idea but it won’t do anything if you aren’t a fan of fish. Instead, you should opt for Thai. The best Thai food uses everything from fish sauce (same benefits without the taste) to leafy greens and lean meats. So, the body gets a fill of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Plus, the calorie count is minimal.

Check out this list of the healthiest national dishes for more info. A personal tip: give Greek a try. It’s beautiful.

Chew Slowly

The next time you’re sat with a hungry person, gauge how quickly they eat. The odds are they’ll shovel food into their face as if someone is going to take the plate away. Westerners tend to eat too quickly, and that’s a reason obesity is a massive problem. Inhaling food doesn’t give the stomach a chance to tell the brain it’s full, so you overeat.

Chewing slowly is the antidote as it allows you to eat methodically. Every bite is an occasion, which also helps you to enjoy your meal more than usual. By the time you’re done, the thought of a dessert won’t even cross your mind – you’ll be too full. Although it sounds very basic, it’s incredible how the brain affects cravings. Give the neurons time to fire and they’ll stop you from piling on the pounds.

As well as changing your chewing habits, you should eat small portions. To make it feel as if they are enough, put them on tiny plates so the food looks dense. There’s another mind-blowing tip for the memory banks.

Get More Protein And Fiber

Ask any dietician and they’ll tell you that the human body needs a mix of nutrients. Therefore, a balanced diet is essential as it mixes everything. Yep, that includes fats of the saturated variety and carbohydrates too. Not to second guess an expert, but this is general advice for a large target audience. In truth, the body needs more protein and fiber is it is going to sustain healthy body weight.

Protein is high up the list because it builds muscle mass. Instead of the fats and carbs turning into fat, the protein goes straight to the muscle and absorbs into the tissue. Also, it speeds up the metabolism. Try lean meats for the best results such as venison and pheasant. Turkey is another bird which has very little fat. Fiber works differently because it’s insoluble. As a result, it bloats the stomach and makes you feel full even when you’re still hungry.

Because it’s an uncomfortable feeling, the last thing on your mind will be to eat. The great news is that a dish such as a chili con carne is packed with fiber. Plus, the peppers and chilies boost your metabolism.

Go Traditional

This isn’t a reference to classical dishes as some of them are as unhealthy as the junk food that exists today. Nope, it’s a nod to the retro style of eating i.e. no phones allowed. Using mobile devices at the table has become the norm nowadays. Also, there is the sitting-in-front-of-TV tribe. Anything to avoid talking to your loved ones, right?

What is bad about using electronics while you’re eating is the lack of focus. Because the mind is concentrating on the latest episode of Game of Thrones, it won’t remember how much the body has consumed. People who like to check the news or send an email have a tendency to overeat as they’re in another world. Banning devices should hone your vision and help you remember what you’ve consumed. Then, when a piece of cake tempts you, the memory should kick in.

Even if you live alone, try and sit at the dinner table for this purpose.


What do you do when you’re tired? It’s a vague question but the answer is general anyway – you do whatever you want. Fatigue makes the mind think “screw it – I can’t be bothered,” which results in giving in to temptation. Before you know it, you’re at McDonald’s drive-thru ordering too much food.

The right amount of sleep refreshes the mind and body and makes you likely to stay strong throughout the week. The same goes for stress. Relieve it when the pressure gets too much and you won’t get persuaded to stray.

What do you think – do you need a diet or are they unnecessary?

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