7 Healthy Eating Tips for the Busy College Student

Eating healthy meals in college can be quite challenging. One reason is due to the busy nature of college life. Most students are tempted to take the easy way out by ordering fast foods for lunch or dinner. Eating healthy in college is very important as it impacts your health today and in the future. The type of food you eat also impacts your physical and mental health which is important as you have to be at your best physically and mentally in order to succeed in your academic life.

Here are a few tips on how to eat healthy in college

1. Stay Hydrated


Ensure you have enough water to take you through the day before you get back home. Staying hydrated is very important as it keeps you from craving unhealthy drinks such as soda that will add to toxins and calories in your body. 

You should have at least a liter of water to drink throughout the day. If you have a problem with how water tastes, you can add some flavor to it by squeezing some lemon or orange in it.

2. Switch to Your Favorite Healthy Food First

It is not easy to switch from common the college students’ diets such as pizza, burgers, and fries to eating healthy food. To make the switch easier, eliminate unhealthy foods one by one instead of all at once. Instead of eating cookies, you can eat your favorite fruit or healthy snack. Once you make the switch gradually, you will be eating healthy foods all day in a short period of time.

3. Never Skip Breakfast
A common mistake many people make is leaving the house without taking breakfast. This is a habit for most who are not morning persons. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should also make time for it. Search for recipes for fast and easy breakfast that you can make within minutes and eat before you head out to class. Eating a healthy breakfast will keep you from craving unhealthy food in the course of the day.

4. Prepare Meals Ahead of Time
If you will not have time to prepare food each day, you can have a schedule of what you would like to eat on each day and prepare the meals ahead of time. If you have a lot of school work to catch up on and have assignments, you may have wondered “Can I pay someone to do my essay?”. You definitely can. There are many professional online writers who can take care of your assignment as you spend time preparing your healthy meals for the week.

5. Include Protein in All Your Meals
Protein helps keep you fuller for a longer period of time. This will prevent you from taking sugar or fast foods in the course of the day due to hunger. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or supper, ensure you have some protein in your meal.

There are many sources of protein such as eggs, lean meat, beans, milk and cheese among others. Choose what you love most.

6. Stock Healthy Food 

When you are out shopping for food, stock healthy food in your home. If you are the type to wake up in the middle of the night to get a snack, this will help since you are less likely to snack on junk food. Save some healthy food after dinner for you to eat when you wake up at night or to carry to school the next day. When stocking for healthy food, choose the ones you love to eat. This is one of the secrets to eat healthy in college. 

7. Carry a Protein Bar in Your Bag
There are times you may delay eating your meal due to one reason or another. When you are so hungry, you are prone to eat anything you find whether it is healthy or not. To ensure you always stay healthy, carry a protein bar with you. They will come in handy at this time as they will keep you full for some time before you get your next meal. 

Making a switch from unhealthy fast foods to healthy foods is quite a challenge but it can be done. Since it can be a bit overwhelming to cut out all unhealthy foods at once, you can start slow by replacing one unhealthy food with a portion of healthy food. To minimize your chances of going back to eating unhealthy, stock your home with healthy food at all times.
Remember to stay hydrated throughout the day to avoid taking soda or other unhealthy drinks. Of course, you can have your cheat days once in a while. 

Sandra Larson is a nutritionist and a professional writer. She strives to inform as many people as possible on the importance of eating healthy. Sandra shares her information through articles such as this as well as other platforms.

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