Are You Cooking Up A Storm Or A Rainbow?

As a budding home chef, the chances are that you take tips from the pros wherever you can. You likely follow their recipes to the T and even invest in the utensils they recommend. After all, if anyone can get it right in the kitchen, they can. 

Some of us, however, take this inspiration even further. Far from just following along with their recipes, we’ll read interviews, peek inside their professional kitchens, and generally take our skills up to that professional level. And, when we do, we often consider incorporating color coding into our practices.

This is a standard part of any professional kitchen. Yet, even at home, many of us may benefit by incorporating colors, either by using spray paint to separate our shelving, or investing in color-coded utensils. As well as helping us stay safe, these methods could make cooking easier all around. 

But, you don’t need to take our word for this. Implementing the following color-coded efforts will surely speak for itself. 

Separate meat and veg

Color coding is most often used to separate meat and veg prep. Whether you put colored stickers on your pots or invest in brand new, pre-colored pieces, this could be a cooking game changer. As simple as that, you’ll be able to ensure safe cooking practices, as well as adding a much-needed splash of brightness. From a chefy standpoint, you’ll also be best able to buy pieces that are uniquely suited to each ingredient this way, including sharp knives for your meat, and others that are guaranteed to chop through your peppers with speed. 

Simplify your spice rack

Color coding spices might not be so much at the forefront, but this is another step that could improve your cooking. And, it’s one that many chefs wouldn’t be without for sorting through their collections. It could be that you decant each spice-category (herb, baking, spicy, etc.) into pots with different-colored lids. Or, you could place each type of spice onto a colored shelving unit so that you can reach straight for what you need. Even something as simple as small colored bands around those lids can save you from picking up everything but when you’re in the middle of a complicated recipe. 

Get your recipes ready

Speaking of recipes, you might also want to bring a splash of color to your recipe index. Let’s face it; finding the exact recipe you need is never easy, especially if you have to look through countless cookbooks to get there. By instead writing your recipes out on colored cards or even just tagging them with colored post-its, you could help yourself no end. This way, you can instantly narrow things down, as well as making it simpler to settle for a varied weekday menu. 

Color in the kitchen is always a game-changer, especially when you apply it to your cooking in these ways. So, if you’re keen to do it like the pros, don’t hesitate to find ways to incorporate these practices into your routine.

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