Brighter Horizons - Your Travel Essentials for Any Destination

Holidays are an exciting time for the whole family. The reason being is that most of us are busy working and looking after our families throughout the week, and long to escape the hustle and bustle of our day to day to enjoy each other's company without being preoccupied. Holidays provide all the family with this much-needed rest and relaxation, as well as the head space to enjoy each other's company and take in our new surroundings.
Naturally, with busy lifestyles, preparing for a holiday in advance can be hard. However, when you are able to take the time out to plan your trip, it can make all the difference. Planning can take a lot of unnecessary stress out of things.


To help all families reap the benefits of planning ahead we have pulled together a list of holiday essentials  for any trip below:
1. Torch, head or normal

A reliable portable LED torch is a staple and the first addition to any travel bag. It is something you wouldn’t necessarily think you would need, but when the time comes it can be a complete lifesaver. Whether you and your family are camping, dealing with a flat tire at night or navigating a blackout, having a trustworthy torch makes unexpected incidents much easier to navigate.
2. Chargers and adapter
When packing for a holiday it is easy to forget one of the most important items in the modern day. The most frustrating part is you are usually charging your mobile and tablet right up to the end, remembering to grab your device but forgetting to put those chargers in your holiday bag. To combat this, we suggest purchasing a spare charging cable for the essential items and a global adapter have this stored in a component of your travel bag permanently. They won’t take up much room and will change the car or airplane trip immensely.
3. Camera
Having a camera goes without saying, especially these days, given that practically every phone has one inbuilt. That said, there is also something nice about taking a proper camera for developing those memorable travel shots that can take you back in time to that specific moment. National Geographics tips will sure to give you some inspiration if you still need any convincing.
4. First aid kit

A portable first aid kit should also be a must-have travel item. Make sure the first aid kit you purchase is clearly labeled and organized as although you won’t anticipate a family member getting injured it can happen, and having an easy to navigate first aid kit will enable you to jump into action if an accident ever occurs.
5. Medication
Packing general medication that is used regularly such as paracetamol is a good idea. As well as packing both your and your families medication. Something most people forget is to pack a copy of any medical scripts for these medications in case these medicines go missing or run out unexpectedly.
6. Copy of identification emailed and paper

Whilst you are creating a copy of medical scripts, it is also advantageous to make copies of your identification. These copies can be really useful if your identity is stolen or if god forbid a member of your family gets lost or goes missing.
7. Spare bag for dirty laundry
Having a spare compartment or laundry bag for dirty washing is most certainly essential. It allows your clean clothes to be kept separate and makes unpacking a lot easier. The clear definition between clean and dirty makes doing the washing much easier when you return home. You could even have two spare bags and split up darks and whites too for extra productivity.

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