Bust A Myth: Healthy Food Isn't Boring

Anyone who embarks on a new, healthy eating program tends to go into it with excitement and anticipation of the changes that are ahead. It’s a big decision to make, taking control of your health, and one of the biggest things you will hear from people around you – other than congratulations – is that healthy food is boring. You’ll hear all sorts about how salads are for rabbits and that eating healthily isn’t exciting. Here’s the part where you get to prove them wrong – the trick to it is in the variety.

Eating healthily doesn’t mean eating boring foods, quite the opposite. Food education comes from learning what will work for you in terms of a lifestyle change, not a diet, and understanding which changes you could make for your own health. A junk food lifestyle can get very boring, if you have no variety and healthy eating is all about good choices with great variety within them. There is a lot you can do to change up your diet to make it more exciting and we’ve got some of those ways for you:
Change how you cut your food up. It sounds simple, but if you find yourself looking at the same shapes all the time you’re going to get tired of eating the foods you’re eating. Instead of chopping your veggies in the same way, spiralize them, grate them, shave them and do anything you can do to make them exciting. Courgetti spaghetti recipes are fantastic as a change, as are cauliflower base pizzas.
Experimenting with your own recipes as well as those you find on websites like this one, is a great way to ensure you get great variation in your diet. Experimentation is what makes foods exciting and this extends to homemade dips and sauces. The thing with healthy eating is knowing what goes into your food and you can make your meals extra tasty. Expand your tastes and try new and exotic fruits and vegetables, and be brave about it! As you get into new routines with healthy foods, your taste buds will change to accommodate new flavours and you can discover new things.


Letting go of heavily sugary or fatty foods can be hard and you may suffer a little withdrawal from those things. If you are someone who drinks sugary drinks, you’ll also find that it can be difficult to cut them back. Water can feel very plain when you’re used to a latte every morning, but adding True Lemon to your glass of water can make such a big, fruity difference to a drink that is usually plain. Go for carbonated water instead of still for a little fizz fix!
A healthy lifestyle requires a healthy diet but you need to remember that getting used to a new routine takes time. There are so many ways you can be creative with food, and it’s all about letting your food fears go and trying new things. The internet and sites like Instagram are havens for healthy food ideas so grab a pen and paper and make some exciting lists.

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