Calling Foodies! The Perfect Gifts For The Finer Palates In Your Life

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Christmas is over, which means you never have to buy any gifts again! Just kidding – unfortunately for us all, people are inconsiderate enough to have birthdays throughout the year, which means that we have to think of still more gift ideas, even if we feel totally wiped out from December. It’s hard to know what to buy for people, especially if their interests are different from your own. What to buy for the friend who loves indie records and vinyl cutter, or your sister who’s really into ballet (which you know nothing about)? It’s a challenge. However, if you want to buy for a friend with a fussy palate, look no further. Here are some gift ideas to help you out…
Take Them To A Restaurant

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Is there anything better than spending time with your nearest and dearest? Giving your recipient the gift of your time is just as valuable as any other gift – although, of course, you should also pay for dinner to make it a real gift as well. Check out the most hip restaurants that have opened in your area lately and book a table before treating your loved one to whatever they want from the menu. Just make sure you check out the prices beforehand so you aren’t left with a nasty surprise when the check arrives at the end of the night!
Invest In A Gift Hamper

If you’re not sure what exactly your loved one would like, why not go for a gift hamper? They’ll be sure to like some of its contents, and if you get it from a nice food store or a local delicatessen that they enjoy, it’ll show a great deal of thoughtfulness. You could also look online for the best deal you can get – for instance, check out free shipping at Harry and David.
Get A Cookery Book

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If your loved one loves cooking and trying out new recipes, then why not go for a cookery book? A lot of the world’s best chefs are bringing out recipe books and memoirs at the moment, and even if your recipient doesn’t like to follow recipes by the letter, they’ll be sure to get some new ideas, such as cooking with Fenugreek Seeds There are also a lot of books about travel and food – if you don’t want to get a straightforward recipe book, then narrative non fiction that focuses on travel and the history of food might be the best way to go. Mark Kurlansky’s Salt: A World History might be a good choice, combining culture and history with one of the most important ingredients out there.
Buy Them Some Cooking Classes

A lot of the time, an experience is far more valuable than an actual object, so why not buy a series of cooking classes for your recipient? Pick an area of food that they don’t know much about, like Spanish tapas, or Thai food, or French cuisine, so they can pick up some new tips and skills and also meet a new crowd of people with interests similar to their own

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