Crafting A Child's Bedroom To Be Beautiful, Memorable & Envied

Designing a child’s bedroom is the perfect place to exercise your creative talents. Not only is this the exact location where you’re going to get away with our flights into decors fantasy without even raising an eyebrow, but it’s a great way to encourage the artistic expression of your child, and stimulate their imagination. It’s easy to fall into the trap of designing the bedroom you would have wanted as a child, so exercising the smallest amount of restraint is probably a good thing.

However, as long as you’re happy with it, and it fits the general theme of your house, why not provide your child with a beautiful place to rest their head, that they’ll remember long into their adult years?

Here are a few of the coolest ideas to upgrade, or completely renovate your child’s bedroom.

Get Creative With Art

Let’s say your child is female and is primarily interested in the fantasy of fairy tales, and all of the princess-rescuing, fairy celebrating and wise witch warning that goes along with it. Why not paint a mural to this on one, or all of the walls? It’s best to fit the entire room around a theme to prevent it from looking disjointed. Keep in mind that this redecoration is going to be last a good few years. If you think the fairy tale phase could come to a close soon, perhaps suggest designing something else. However, if you’re certain, now comes the fun part.

Go to your local arts and crafts fair and pick up templates for stencil artwork, or look for specialized wallpaper that has the beautiful art already designed by experienced artists. Create a focal point where the eyes are supposed to travel and keep the colors bright, visual, but not overbearing in a direction around the room. 

A popular way for subtle decoration is repeating patterns around the bottom or mid-point of a wall. Allow your child to get involved too, depending on their age. You might just find they provide something special that only a child could bring.

Get Creative With Color, But Not Overboard

While it’s tempting to paint a scene that would rival a Jackson Pollock painting when it comes to the main colors that run through a room, less is usually more. Avoid dark colors, and apply light colors such as a light green or blue. These colors have been proven to have the most positive cognitive effects on the observer. Your child is the most sensitive observer in the house, so you can see how this is important.

Upgrade The Furnishings

Purchasing new bean bag chairs, a comfortable place to read and store their belongings are usually some of the most popular upgrades you’ll see within a modern child’s room. Assess how much storage you’ll need and find ways to incorporate that. Do you have a big business planned? Where are they going to store all of their presents? Having this long-term focus will help in deciding what to allocate here. If the mattress is getting a little old, be sure to upgrade it. Mattresses that are years old can hold dust and dirt like you wouldn’t believe, so it’s important your child has access to a new one. have details here.

Overall, your child is bound to radiate with joy and love when they first see the room they’re to occupy. It’s the best way to introduce a child to a new house, or even just show them your love in an unscheduled way. Everyone remembers the room they occupied as a child. Make sure you give your child a great memory. Have fun!

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