Creating a BBQ Checklist that Does Not Disappoint


Creating a BBQ Checklist that Does Not Disappoint

A BBQ is one of those events where you’re required to start planning days or even weeks before the actual event. A BBQ is something everyone from all walks of life can enjoy, but, having so many steps to remember for the actual event, it becomes really difficult for most of us to cover everything. Unless you’ve already got some experience arranging BBQs, these are the steps you must cover to save the day and have a great party.

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Steps to cover for a successful BBQ

One week before the party

1. Create a guests list and send out invites.

2. Depending on how big your list is, you need to have enough eating utensils, meat, beverages and seating equipment to accommodate all your guests.

3. Deciding on the menu: Deciding about the type of meat that you’re planning to grill. You have many available options, however you must understand that not everyone is a fan of seafood and some are even allergic to it.

4. There’s always someone (family of friend) who is willing to help you out with the preparations. You may assign him some important duties to save more time and reduce some stress off your shoulders.

5. For eliminating the last minute disaster, make sure that your grilling equipment is working fine. You might need to clean it first before testing it out.

Equipment and Utensils:

Cooler: Depending on how big your guest list is, you’re required to have few big coolers and buckets filled with ice. Make sure that you’ve separated bottled water, alcoholic drinks and sodas.

Paper/Plastic plates: You need to have plates in different sizes. Usually the big ones are for food and the smaller ones for desserts and salads.

Disposable Cups: If you’re planning about serving tea or coffee, make sure that you have disposable cups for hot liquids.

Storage containers: Sometimes we miscalculate the amount of food we’ve required to prepare and for that you need to have storage containers that will be used for the leftovers.

Grilling equipment: When talking about grilling equipment, you may use a charcoal grill or even gas grill. There are even pellet grills out now. Check out Barbeque Smoked's top 5 pellet grill list.

Barbeque Day Preparation:


Grill Preparation: Make sure that you’ve got enough fuel  to keep it running throughout the party. You can even take your meat to the next level by adding some delicious smoked flavors to your meat. An offset smoker can not only grill your meat but can also infuse smokey flavors into your meat as well.

Firing up the grill: Before you actually start grilling the meat, fire it up and leave it on for a few minutes just to warm it properly.

Know the timings: There are certain types of meat that take longer than others. In order to have the meat fully ready, make sure that you know the time it takes for each type of meat. The spruce has a great list of meat, and their timings for cooking.

Grilling vegetables: The step mentioned above also applies to the vegetables. There are certain vegetables that don’t take any time at all such as peppers and tomatoes. On the other hand, potatoes take longer.

Adjusting fire levels: The level of fire need to be strong enough to cook the meat, however if it’s too strong it might burn the meat. There are also many options for wood smoking, consider the added flavor.

Wearing sunscreen and hat: Assuming everything went great, put some sunscreen on and a big hat. Enjoy yourself!

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