Cute Ideas On Documenting Those First Moments

Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels

So you’re a new parent? Congratulations! From here on out, your camera phone will be choc-a-bloc with pictures of your little one as they grow and progress! You’ll even find yourself snapping an image of the weirdest things like a nappy you’re not sure on, or even a mark on their face that you’re worried about and guess what? It’s totally normal! However, when you welcome a new bundle of joy into the world it’s understandable that you want to document all of their firsts, so why not find some alternative ways of doing so? Here are some cute ideas for documenting your new baby’s first moments.

Foot and hand prints
A sad but true fact is, that your baby won’t stay small for long! Those teeny-tiny little hands and feet will soon grow and you’ll find yourself clutching onto their newborn socks sobbing and wondering where your tiny baby has gone. That’s why it’s a great idea to take hand and footprints of your baby when they are tiny so that you can cherish them from there on out. Perhaps you could frame your prints and put them in the nursery as a charming way of adding decoration!

Professional shoots
Taking pictures of your little ones is all well and good until you realise that you or your partner aren’t involved in the picture. While there will be some cracking photos that you’ll snap of each other over the coming months, it’s always a good idea to hire a family photographer to come and take some professional pictures of your new family. Why not buy your new bundle of joy(s) a swanky dress or suit and all dress up for the event? Not only will you have a wonderful keepsake to look back on, but you could use your professional images as Christmas and birthday presents, making this year as cheap as possible! After all, babies don’t come cheap!

Clay moulding
One of the latest trends is clay moulding. You may have seen the videos on social media of families holding hands and dropping them into fast drying clay until it sets so that the end result is fantastic memorabilia of that moment in your family’s lives. You can buy clay moulding kits to try at home or alternatively, you could hire a professional to come and help you out with the whole process.
Early email account

Finally, a super exciting way of documenting your child’s entire life is by creating them an email account to give them when they turn 18. Send images as they progress through life, diary entries, memories, the good times and the bad times so that not only can they see their whole life documented in front of them, but you’ve got a wonderful set of memories to look back on whenever you please.

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