Do you know how much food America throws away because it doesn't meet our "beauty standards" in grocery stores?

Ugly fruit and vegetables has been a topic circulating around in the media. With hunger at the forefront and the food industry claiming that the industrialization of food and scientifically modifying food is what will help us have an abundant food supply, it is shocking to find out that in America, “we throw away about 263 million pounds of food a day… every single day!” according to A lot of the food wasted is perfectly edible food. However, it doesn’t meet the standards of grocery stores; too big, too small, bruised. These fruits and vegetables are “ugly” and consumers like us will not buy them. This needs to CHANGE!!

In an article I read by CivilEats, “approximately 23 percent of all fruits and vegetables are wasted before they even reach grocery stores. Meanwhile, 46.5 million Americans struggle to get enough healthy food.”

How is this making any sense whatsoever?? Check out this video I found from Intermarche, the largest market in France and what they decided to do with these inglorious fruits and vegetables.

How can the United States do something about this issue here?? We cannot afford to be wasteful when people are starving!

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