Explore An Unknown World In Your Own Backyard

You might be thinking about heading somewhere tropical and exotic on vacation this summer, but I have a better idea. Rather than heading somewhere on holiday, why not explore somewhere a lot closer to home. I’m talking about your back garden. You know, the place on your property that you occasionally frequent but don’t know all that well. This is your chance to explore it and find out what your garden really has to offer. So, let’s look at some interesting tips about the garden, fun facts and get our hands dirty under the soil, shall we? 

Screaming Grass

There’s a myth floating around that grass screams when you cut it, and we just can’t hear the sound because it’s at a higher frequency. The problem with this, of course, is that grass doesn’t have any of the necessary features to utter a noise. However, grass does release distress scent when it’s cut. You can find out more about this on This is what we know to be the freshly mowed grass smell. But what does this mean for gardening? 

Well, you should do everything you can to look after the plants flowers and shrubs in your garden. Plants actively respond to their environment. They’ll desperately grow in the direction they need to to get more sunlight, shrink away at winter and push for more space. So it is worth thinking about the living things in your garden as little lives that need looking after, even though they can’t feel. 

Let It Grow At Your Own Peril 

You might be a homeowner who doesn’t mind having an overgrown garden with foot tall grass and shrubs everywhere. That’s fine, and plenty of people love this look, but you should be aware of this consequences. You see by letting the grass and plants grow until it looks wild, you are providing the perfect home for animals. You might love the idea of having animals in your garden, but they bring a lot of issues with them such as insects. As such, you may want to think twice about welcoming them to your home. 

Trees Can Get Sick

Did you know that trees can get sick, just like us? Probably not but they can, and if you don’t treat tree illnesses they will die. They might even fall down, creating all sorts of problems for homeowners. That’s why you should regularly check on any trees in or around your garden. Look for the signs that there’s an issue. You can find out more about these diseases on a site such as Most of them are easier to treat if they are discovered early. That’s why it’s best to have a wander around and inspect your garden every so often. 

Make The Most Of It

Lastly, if you’re looking to improve your diet, you may want to try eating some naturally grown fruit and veg. A great way to do this would be to grow it yourself! That way, you can make sure no nasty chemicals are used, and everything is perfectly healthy. The best part is that the garden is the perfect place to grow your own fruit and veg. All you need is some soil, a few seeds and in a few months, you’ll have some delicious tomatoes or strawberries good enough to eat. 

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