Family-Friendly Activities You'll Love In Savannah

When you’re thinking of family-friendly vacations, Savannah may not appear at the top of your list. But, that may be because you aren’t aware of all the wonderful activities that families can get involved in while staying there. If you’re looking for somewhere that’s child friendly but still provides entertainment for adults, Savannah could be just the ticket. Take a look at what you can do there.

The Savannah Children’s Museum

If you have some young, curious minds on the trip with you, the children’s museum is an ideal stop for you. The museum is entirely outdoors and concentrates on sparking young imaginations and developing sensory abilities. Get lost in the exploration maze or have a quiet five minutes in the reading nook. For children who love to learn, this attraction is a must see. You’ll find the museum in the Tricentennial Park and you can purchase tickets as and when you arrive.

Old Fort Jackson

It’s always a good idea to get a glimpse into the local history when you visit somewhere new. Old Fort Jackson brings Savannah’s history to life, with the staff members dressed in character and reenacting some of the most intriguing stories the area has to offer, including canon firings and weapons demonstrations. It’s a learn as you have fun experience for the whole family, and you’ll come away with new knowledge you won’t soon forget.

The Oatland Island Wildlife Center

Ever wanted to learn what it takes to survive in the wild? This wildlife center offers great experiences for all ages. Younger children are welcome to join in the fun for just one day, but older children can stay a whole week and partake in their Summer camp program. Activities, investigations and crafts are planned for every day and an enthusiastic instructor will take you through everything you need to know. It’s just a short journey away from the Marriott Riverfront hotel, if you’re looking for a great place to stay on your vacation.

Dolphin Tour

If your little ones have never seen a dolphin in close proximity before, this is a fantastic afternoon trip for the family. Head towards Lazeretto Creek Marina and look out for Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours. You’ll be taken on a boat across Tybee Island where you’ll catch a glimpse of some of the friendliest dolphin families you’ll ever come across. Meanwhile, you’ll get some fun facts from Captain Mike about the area and its history.

Black Betty’s Piracy Tour

We’ve all got a pirate lover in the family, whether it’s one of the kids or the adults. Black Betty and her privateers will take you through the historical streets of Savannah and tell historically correct age old stories about the pirates that used to inhabit the area and the things they would get up to. See Savannah in the 18th century through the eyes of the fun-loving character Black Betty. It’s definitely a tour you’ll remember for a long time to come.

There are so many things to do in the area that Savannah may just end up on the top of your travel list after all.

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