Finding That Missing Piece to Your Fat Burning Puzzle

If you've been trying and trying and trying for years now to burn fat, but seemingly gotten nowhere, then maybe it’s time you tried something different. Maybe it’s time you took fat burning routes you’ve not yet thought about taking let alone actually taken in order to achieve your goal. Yes, maybe it’s time you tried other things in your attempt to find the missing piece to your fat burning puzzle.

If you read on, you might just find that piece.

Attempt a Banting diet

A Banting diet is probably a diet that you've never heard of, and when you hear about what it entails you’ll probably wonder just why it has made this list of fat burning techniques. 

Okay, here we go… switching to the Banting diet would consist of you eating a low-carbohydrate, high fat diet. Yes, there, we said it, this is a high-fat diet. But, before you shun this diet for being one that is so high in fat intake, make sure to give it a go. Make sure to give it a go because the precipice of the diet is that it makes your body switch from burning carbs for energy to instead burning fat for energy. And, if your fat were to be burned for energy you would be far more likely to, well, burn your fat away.

So, don’t shun the diet, do some research into it (particularly that of which conducted by Tim Noakes), get yourself some banting takeaways, get scoffing your face and get burning some fat as a result. You never know, it might just be the puzzle piece you’re looking for.

Eat a big breakfast

Again, you might think that this is going against everything you believe in in regards to weight loss, but eating a bigger breakfast than usual can and will help you in your fat burning quest. It will do so because when you eat big in the morning, rather than in the evening when you sit down for dinner, you will have the whole day ahead of your to burn the fat that you've gained. What’s more, whilst this fat is being burned throughout your day you will still feel full enough to either eat a small lunch or even to forgo it altogether. So, eat big at breakfast in the morning and you’ll thank yourself on the night.

But, when you do opt for bigger breakfasts, just try to avoid these breakfast mistakes that could be adding to your fat.

You see, everybody is different. Everybody has different bodies. Everybody has different metabolisms. Everybody burns fat in different ways. And, it is because everybody and all bodies are different in these ways that makes it harder for some people to burn fat than it is for others. So, don’t get disheartened if what you do to burn fat doesn't burn any whatsoever. Instead, use your knowledge of what doesn't work for you as a stepping stone in finding the method that does.

And, when seeking to find this perfect method for you, remember to take heed of the advice above!

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