Four of The Best Heated Blenders For Your Kitchen

Ten years ago, making a simple dish such as soup was a fairly arduous process. You would have to meticulously prepare all the vegetables, blend them together ensuring nothing got left behind, and then spend time having to heat up your concoction till it was hot enough to eat.

Nowadays however, heated blenders have made the process far quicker and easier. Whether you're making a great gazpacho or a charming chowder, here are four of the best heated blenders on the market to buy for your kitchen.

Vitamix Ascent 2300i

The Vitamix Ascent is a great heated blender for those who are willing to spend a bit extra. It's an all purpose blender that does a lot more than blend and heat up it's contents. It can be used to make your own butter, dips, mayonnaise, and bread dough, as well as many other dishes. It is built to be durable and consists of a two liter plastic jug that is light weight and contains a wide spout for pouring. The blender also contains a secure push on lid that minimizes the risk of leaks when blending. The heated blender also comes with 10 speed options and a pulse setting, meaning you have total control over how you blend. The Vitamix may be an investment, but it's a blender that will last and be an excellent addition to your kitchen.

Philips Soupmaker HR2203/80

Philips are a brand known for their quality, and the Philips Soupmaker is no exception. It has received multiple glowing reviews online, even all the way in France where it is touted as a key "blender chauffant" to look out for. The Soupmaker has stainless steel blades that operate on a 1000 watt motor, meaning it has more than enough power and durability to make light work of whatever ingredients you throw in. The blender has a simple user interface, meaning it's never been easier to make all of your favorite soups and smoothies. The blender is also designed to disassemble into smaller parts, making it easier to clean once you've finished cooking.

Cuisinart Hurricane

The Cuisinart Hurricane is a blender that offers a lot, but in a small package. It's designed to be small and take up as little counter space as possible, whilst harnessing a lot of power, meaning it can still excel at blending for soups and smoothies. It contains handy presets, that are programmed to blend whatever dish you plan to serve. If you want to make a soup, simply prepare the ingredients, pop them in, and press the 'soup' button. Easy as that.

Oster Versa

The Oster Versa is a great choice of heated blender for those who are on a budget. It has preset options for dips, soups, and smoothies, which are accessible via the easy to use interface. The Oster Versa key trait however, is that it is far quieter than most other heated blenders on the market. The blender's interface is also very easy to clean as it consists of simple buttons and a dial that are easy to wipe down.

Kitchen Artisan Power Plus Blender

Kitchen Artisan's Power Plus Blender is billed as one of the most powerful blenders on the market. It has eleven speed presets and pre-programmed settings for specific dishes.It has a self cleaning option and is even dishwasher friendly, meaning the cleanup couldn't be easier. It has a dual wall construction meaning, when heating soup the outer plastic isn't hot to the touch, and has a vent on top to let out excess steam. While it is quite expensive and can be quite noisy, if you're looking for power and quality this is the go to blender for your kitchen.

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