Get the Perfect Style for Your Home with Barcalounger

A furniture company that is laser-focused on quality and detail is one that will give you a lifetime of happiness at home. And Barcalounger is one such company.

For over 120 years, Barcalounger has been at the forefront of the American furniture industry. The brand's attention to detail is one of the reasons why more and more homeowners are choosing this company for their home furnishings, furniture pieces, and occasional furniture.

Barcalounger boasts of recliners, pedestal chairs, ottomans, and motion sofas. These products are distinct in every style, function, color, leather material, and more. The company can offer every piece of a chair for your home. Learn why you shouldn't choose any other furniture company but Barcalounger.

Reliable and Quality Barcalounger Recliner and Chair Pieces

The term Barcalounger has been synonymous with the most durable, stylish, and functional chairs in various leather materials in the United States. Many Americans have associated quality chairs that last with this company and for a good reason.

Since its inception in the 1890s, Barcalounger has been through a rollercoaster ride. The company was once called the Barcalo Manufacturing Company. It was spearheaded by a man named Edward J. Barcalo in 1896. In fact, the company is proud to be one of the oldest reclining chair manufacturers in the United States.

Unfortunately, the company went through a series of challenges, which led them to file for bankruptcy in 2010. Their manufacturing facilities in Martinsville, Virginia, and Rocky Mount, North Carolina were shut down due to the company's inability to stay afloat.

However, Edward J. Barcalo wasn't fazed. His commitment and passion for creating the most innovative chairs pushed him to bounce back. He then restarted production and established a manufacturing plant in Morristown, Tennessee in 2011. And Barcalounger has never stopped creating every recliner with exquisite leather covering you can think of. Additionally, the company also expanded its production to quality beds in Welland, Ontario.

The founder believes that every recliner will make you relax, unwind, and relish every moment spent at home.

Moreover, the company's culture goes beyond fostering client relationships, the company believes that to operate and serve its clients well, the experience must come within the organization first.

In 1902, Barcalounger is the first and oldest recliner-manufacturing company that allowed its employees coffee breaks.

Quality Comes First in Every Barcalounger Recliner and Chair

Whether you're looking for a fresh modern look, casual style, contemporary comfort, timeless traditional design, or stunning rustic appeal for your home, Barcalounger has everything you need. The company is also up-to-date with current furniture industry trends, concepts, and innovation. Hence, diversifying their products that can cater to all the demands and changing preferences of homeowners.

As for quality, Edward J. Barcalo wanted to prove every chair or recliner's worth by acquiring a license to manufacture products that are "scientifically articulated." He then tapped Dr. Anton Lorenz to patent the motion chairs.

That said, rest assured that every chair, recliner, or motion sofa is of superior quality and durable leather and fabric materials. The company is committed to serving every homeowner by creating recliners, pedestal chairs and ottomans, and motion sofas. Here are a few of their stunning collections:

Van Buren

Another new feature for a specific recliner collection they sell is the voice-activated system. When you purchase this particular recliner for your home, expect to experience maximum comfort and efficiency. You can tell the recliner to stop, recline, turn to sleep position or TV position, or go home. Or you may call out "heads up" to activate the power headrest feature.

Final Words
Looking for the perfect furniture doesn't have to be a time-consuming process. You can get it from Barcalounger

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