Grow Your Own

Is there anything better than growing your produce? Below, we take a look at two types of tree that you should grow in your garden to aid with cooking and provide other benefits too.


Do you currently have olive trees in your garden? If not, then you are seriously missing out. There are so many great benefits to be gained once you buy olive trees. Let’s dig a little bit deeper and discover what these are…

  • They taste delicious! There is nothing better than enjoying a nice bowl of olives whilst relaxing in the sunshine with a glass of red wine. Yum! Why not have a few friends around and host a Mediterranean themed garden party? Or take to your kitchen and try out all of the different recipes available incorporating olives.

  • There are many health benefits associated with olive trees as well. This is usually due to the oil found within the olive. Many nutritionists and health experts recommended this. It is extremely beneficial when it comes to lowering blood cholesterol levels in particular.

  • And of course… who can deny how beautiful olive trees look? They have a  classic quality to them which will instantly improve the appearance of your garden and give it an elegant feel. Simply stunning!

To maintain your trees, you need to keep pests at bay. Black scale is a big issue with olive trees, with ladybirds often feasting on these. Controlling ants spread the infection as well. Pest control services can be necessary to get this under control.


Bay trees are extremely beneficial. If you plant these in your garden you have the potential to reap many advantages. Many people use bay leaves in cooking to add flavor and fragrance. Not only do they taste good, but they also contain a wealth of minerals and vitamins which are highly beneficial. 

There are then the medical benefits associated with bay leaves as well. They are considered a valuable herb thanks to their ability to relieve stress and pain. A lot of individuals use them in order to treat bacterial and fungal infections as well. Baby leaf oil presents many advantages also. For dandruff sufferers baby leaf oil offers a great cure when mixed with shampoo. A lot of people also like to add baby leaf oil to their bath because it is believed to make the experience a lot more soothing. 

In fact, bay trees themselves are stunning in their own right. They can add a wealth of beauty to any garden thanks to their classic and elegant design. What other type of tree presents as many benefits and as many uses as this one?

Of course, bay trees and olive trees are two of many you can grow! But they offer a great place to start.

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