Host Your Dinner Party Like A Pro

If you are tempted to invite a few friends around for a little summer soiree, the chances are that you’re a little nervous. You want to get everything right, from the food to the seating plan, and from the ambiance to the company. Hosting a dinner party isn’t all one pot cooking and TV dinners. Instead, a dinner party should be a sophisticated affair with the right balance of people, an extraordinary menu of food on offer, and it should provide a chance to unwind and enjoy decent conversation. It doesn’t matter whether you are a dinner party newbie or a veteran of the scene, read on to find out how you can host a dinner party like a pro.

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The Food

The most important aspect of any foodie gathering is the cuisine on offer. It’s always wise to cook to your strengths. If you are a whizz in the kitchen and adore cooking up gastronomic delights for your family, this shouldn’t be too stressful. Even if you are an expert at sauteing, slicing and creating the finest jus’, it’s a good idea to keep your menu simple. Go for three courses and opt for dishes that don’t take you away from your guests for too long.

If you are into your health kicks at the moment, there’s nothing wrong with trying out some delicious paleo recipes on your guests. Going for a high protein menu can allow your friends to experience new flavors and taste combinations. If you enjoy exploiting your heritage, let this flair show in your cooking. Design a menu that you can easily cook, and never opt for anything that you've never rustled up before.

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The Seating Plan

The days of boy-girl-boy-girl are long gone. You don’t have to place little name cards at a formal table and don’t worry about mixing people up. You know your guests so think about who they would best get along with. This is less of a concern if all of your guests know one another. If they don't, allow them a chance to mingle initially over canapes and a glass of wine. You might not want to do a seating plan at all. This can be more natural and allow your guests to find their own seats and their own company. Round tables are the best for group conversation and louder banter, whereas the longer rectangular shape is more conducive to intimate talk.

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The Theme

Some people think that a dinner party theme is a little kitch. While it could be classed as too informal, a theme can be a fun idea. If your friends know that a black tie sort of soiree isn’t really your thing, then the chances are they are expecting something a little less elegant. You must make sure that you are comfortable with the ambience of your evening, and this is for you to facilitate. You can create the mood and play the relevant music to accompany your dinner party.

Your dinner party needs you to be present. Keep it simple, rustle up some great food and enjoy an evening with good company. Follow this guide and host your dinner party like a pro.

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