How Much Do You Know about Juicer?

When you like to know about the basic information about the juicer you can read on this content. It covers many things from its pre-juicer period to juicing future. 

If you have a basic idea about the juicer, it can help you to find the best quality juicer. Doctor Norman Walker has made the juicer first time since 1930. As he was alive for 108 years and he took juice at that time. 

So he should know about health benefits for taking juice. Also, you can get an idea about the needs of taking vegetables and fruits. For making juice, you need a good quality juicer. The recipe for making juice has a variety now. 

What is the Juicer?

Juicer is the mechanic device. Both the electrically and manually system can operate this to make juice from leafy greens, fruits or vegetables. There is various kind of juicer for making juice. Which one will need it depends on vegetables or fruits. A blender and juicer are not the same. 

Juicer has some mechanism system which can separate the juice from the pulp. But a blender will create the mixture and need to strain it manually. There is a variety of juicer, and it works differently. 

Some common types of the juicer are twin press, manual press, dual auger, masticating, centrifugal ejection, single auger, include centrifugal. 

Centrifugal is the oldest model with a straightforward design and strainer. It has designed for separating the pulp from the juice. If you want to more about different brands and models of juicers, you can visit Juice Moz.

Pre-Juicer Period

Archaeologists got evidence that people made juice during (150 BC-&70 AD). Also, it looks like they tried to extract juice from figs and pomegranates. Many cultures were using mortar and pestle fruit grinding. 

Besides people were adding greens and herbs to increase the flavor of it. Moreover, making green juice was an essential system to improve well-being and health in Korea. 

Traditional and herbalists medicine was widespread, and they used different ingredients for making this healthy. After that, it was changing and juicing becomes more accessible because of juicer.

First Juicer

Doctor Norman Walker was the very first person who made the original juicer. He published the book named “green vegetables juice” since 1936. Moreover, he made the juicer first time in the world. Still, this juicer machine is available in the market for purchasing. 

This juicer grated and squeezed veggies and fruits to make them fine pulp. After that, the pulp transfers to the line bag for extracting the juice.  The hydraulic press used for that. Till now this hydraulic juicer is handy and for making juice. 

Also, it maintains the benefits of all ingredients. Doctor Walker Norman is the father of juicing movement. Making juicer is the significant contribution of Doctor Walker. His creation helps to maintain a healthier lifestyle of ours.

How To Purchase The Best Quality From The Marker?

Before you purchase the juicer, you need to fix the budget. Though this is not true, the high price always gives better quality. First of all, you should select the user-friendly juicer. Search for the juicer, which is easy to clean and operate as well. 

Secondly, search for the brand which you need not repair often. Thirdly you can look for the juicer, which is slow speed because it can reduce the effect of oxidation. Next thing is which juicer can give more amount of juice from the ingredients.              

Moreover, few juicers make more pulp and less juice. Which juicer model keeps pulp outside produces less pulp? But which machine keeps some pulp inside that make more pulp. 

Besides, you will want the juicer compact and dishwasher safe. Here are some reliable and popular brands such as Green Power, Green Star, Solo Star, Samson, Juice Fountain, Lequip, Nutrisource, Omega and Champion.

Juicing Future

Further, all companies try to design the machine more affordable and beneficial. So, what can be the juicing future seems like? For use at home, the cold press juicer will be the healthiest juice making system in the whole world. 

In essence, the juicing task will be simple, and we will step back to the previous method. This is the main reason that cold press juicer of Norwalk demands more than $2000. Though all companies are trying to make the technology affordable, all household can enjoy healthy juice.

The Bottom Line

At this time, homemade juice needs to prepare immediately. So the oxidation system does not ruin the juice quality. Nowadays, a cold press machine becomes widespread. So making juice is very easy and it lasts long. 

Finally, some companies are trying to make the system to minimize the waste of food while making juice. While making juice, some pulp comes out, and this is useless. 

Companies are trying to minimize the quantity of pulp. They want to make sure that the pulp is dehydrated. So the amount of juice will be more, but it will be a significant challenge.

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