How To Choose The Best Induction Hob

Not every apartment or house has a gas stove connection. Many people have to use electric stoves, which consume a lot of electricity, or it happens because of personal preferences. The best choice in this situation is an induction cooker hob. This device allows you to cook quickly and saves electricity. Read more about induction hobs on cookingtopgear.

The peculiarity of this device is that only the bottom of the used cookware and the food in it is heated. And the walls of the cookware and the stove itself are not heated. Let's consider the main features when choosing induction cookers.

Number of burners

When choosing an induction hob, it is important to decide on how many burners you need. Surfaces can be equipped with a different number of heating zones, this number varies from one to six. This number will depend on the number of people in your family and how varied your cooking habits are.

For a couple or one person, or a family that is used to eating outdoors, a compact unit equipped with one or a pair of burners will be sufficient. This will save free space in the kitchen.

For a large family, it is recommended to give preference to a panel with at least four heating zones.

Such devices are one of the most popular among customers, as they allow you to prepare a full meal at the same time. But you will also need more space to place such equipment.

In terms of the configuration and location of the burners, the standards for their placement have long not assumed exclusively square or diamond-shaped forms.

Heating zones can be arranged in a row, in the form of a triangle, oval, or semicircle. When selecting this parameter, you should imagine how convenient it will be for you to have access to each of the burners. So that the dishes on the neighboring ones do not interfere with each other.

It is also worth considering the diameter of the heating zones and their shape. The size of the burners must match the size of the existing dishes since they must cover at least 70%. Otherwise, the device will not turn on. In the most modern induction panels, the burner can automatically determine the size of the dishes and adjust to it.

Panel material

The most common coating material is ceramic. The second most common is tempered glass. The first option is cheaper, but it is resistant to mechanical stress. There are difficulties in care, because sugar-containing liquids, such as jams, can leave indelible traces.

Panels covered with tempered glass are slightly more expensive, but they are quite fragile and require careful handling. But this material is more aesthetic and practical to care for, not afraid of scratches and abrasives.
Induction cookers can have a metal profile frame or a beveled edge. Both options have their advantages:

• framed - do not let running liquid get dirty on the worktop or run off to the floor;
• panels with a beveled edge are easier to clean.

Panel Color

When choosing an induction hob, you should consider various design options. Most models are produced in dark colors that perfectly fit into any interior style.

Induction surfaces with floral patterns are available for rooms decorated in the country or provençal style.
For modern interiors in hi-tech style the models without a designation of zones of heating and looking like a whole fragment of glass perfectly approach.

Less often some devices have a silver or white color, which also looks very advantageous.

Dust, grease stains and watermarks are less visible on a light surface, making them particularly attractive. It is worth noting that cleaning both light and dark panels is not very difficult.

You can remove dirt even during cooking because the surface is not hot. Some cooktops are decorated with patterns, labels, and icons for easy control of the appliance.


The size of the hob must fit perfectly into the interior of your kitchen.

The narrowest varieties have a small width and are equipped with one or two heating zones. This is a great find for a small kitchen.

For a large family, models with the number of burners increased to three or four are better suited. Some wide models can accommodate five burners, and maybe even five or six.

The thickness of induction plates can also vary.


Induction cooking panels can be independent devices that can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. For such devices, it is only important to have a nearby power source and a flat surface for installation.

There are induction stoves built into the kitchen countertop. They are usually more expensive, but they look like one with the kitchen set.

In terms of functionality, there are no special differences between them.

Additional features

The presence of various additional options for the selected model can make cooking a very pleasant activity.
Below is a list of the most common features found in modern devices:

1. The control panel unit of the appliance. Especially useful if you have small children in the family.

2. The safety shutdown increases the safety level of the appliance by turning it off when liquid is boiling on the stove, there are no dishes on the stove or when there are significant power surges.

3. Timer. It is convenient because you can set the time needed to bring the dish to readiness and not stand at the stove, constantly monitoring the process. Advanced models are not only able to turn off the heating at a given time, but also use a sound signal to notify the hostess about the end of cooking.

4. The residual temperature indicator will help you understand whether it is safe to touch the surface. The stove itself is not heated but may become hot from contact with the dishes in which food is prepared.

5. In modern inductors, there is a special mode of rapid heating (Turbo Boost). The function allows you to quickly prepare the desired dish, increasing the power of the selected burner at the expense of neighboring ones.

6. Control of power consumption and temperature conditions. It is enough for the hostess to set the device flow rate or temperature indicators, which will then be maintained automatically. All readings are stored on the device's internal memory.

7. Functions for pausing cooking and heating (maintaining heat). It is convenient to use if the household is used to eating each in its mode.

8. The most modern stoves are equipped with new technology. This is an induction without borders, which allows you to do without the usual marking of the burners. It is enough to put the dishes with food in any place, and smart technology will provide the necessary heating zone.

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