How to Get Your Kids Excited About Global Cuisine

Do you love experimenting with different flavours and cuisines in the kitchen, but have trouble convincing your children to try new things? You’re not alone. There are so many fantastic international food options to explore and eating pizza every night gets boring fast. 

It’s important, in our multi-cultural world, to help kids both understand and appreciate authentic global cuisines. Getting your children involved with cooking and exposing them to different options from a young age can help open their mind to the wonderful world of food. Not only will they be happy to eat a variety of foods, but they will enjoy it as well. On top of that, you can bond as a family by trying new restaurants together. 

Here’s how to get your children excited about global cuisine. 

Go Out for Dinner
Kids love going out to eat. By introducing a new cuisine while out at a restaurant, they will be more likely to give it a try. Since they can choose from a variety of different items, they will feel like they’re in control. It’s less intimidating than being forced something unfamiliar at home.

On top of that, the décor and will create a full experience. Places like RAPSA combine Filipino décor and colours to make the dining experience fun and authentic. Once your children have tried the food in a restaurant, you can present it at home, and they are more likely to eat it. 

Get the Kids Involved
If you want to get, your kids excited about trying new cuisines get them involved in the preparation. If you’re doing a Mexican night, have your kids mash up the avocados for the guacamole, or assemble the tacos. Make it even more fun by wearing sombreros or getting a pinata for after dinner. Involving the kids in the preparation and making them feel important will get them excited and help them understand more about what they are eating. 

Watch Movies and Look at Pictures
Before introducing a new cuisine, watch a movie or show about the country the food comes from. If you want to cook some Indian dishes, show your children pictures of India, and where it is on a map or globe. Go to your local library and read picture books with them to help them understand where the food originated. Children are very visual and being able to associate the foods with a movie will make them more comfortable trying it. 

Start Simple
Don’t overwhelm your kids with too many unique flavours and dishes at once. Start simple by incorporating one new item or seasoning at a time. Don’t load up with spices on the first occasion and instead introduce them bit by bit. For example, if you’re adding a potent herb like coriander to a dish, try a small amount to see what they think. Keep sauces on the side at first so they can add them in intervals that they are comfortable with and try to avoid anything too spicy. It allows you to put as much on the food as you’d like but gives your kids an element of control as well. 

Using these tips, you’ll have your children excited about global cuisine in no time. Children who are open-minded about food will be more adventurous in other aspects of their life. They will become more open to trying new things and understanding of culture. They may even grow up to be great cooks themselves and cook up delicious recipes for you!

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