How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee: 3 Different Ways

An incredible 400 million cups of java - that's how many US adults drink on a daily basis. Still, that's nothing compared to the Finnish -- they drink 26.5 pounds of coffee on a per capita basis!

Regardless of where you hail from though, coffee is -- and will always be an integral part of our daily hustle. That's why it's best that you learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee using various brewing methods. This way, you can also tweak your brewing skills depending on the species of coffee you'll use.

So, ready to familiarize yourself with the top ways on how to brew the best coffee? Then let's dig in!

1. The Intricate Art of Pour Over Coffee

If you like a more hands-on brewing experience, then the best way to make coffee would be the pour-over. You'd need a few tools though, including a filter and a funnel. If you plan to make a bigger batch of fresh brew, it's best to get a carafe too.

Start by placing your funnel inside the carafe and then placing a filter inside the funnel. Some people like to moisten the filter a bit, which may help get rid of the filter's papery taste. It also helps secure the coffee grounds together.

Next, place your coffee granules inside the filter, following the manufacturer's recommended amount. Then, start pouring hot water using a slow, circular motion. The first pour should just be enough to moisten the grounds to let them "bloom" and release their gases.

Wait for about 30 seconds before you continue pouring the hot water. Be sure to use the same circular motion to avoid the grounds becoming swamped by the liquid. Once you’ve extracted enough liquid coffee, go ahead and sip your fresh brew!

2. Pour Over Coffee On-The-Go

You'll also find single serve coffee filters to make pour-over coffee almost anywhere. Properly-sealed for freshness, you just tear one open, set it on top of your fave mug, and splash a bit of hot water. Once the grounds bloom and you get a whiff of the coffee aroma, you can continue pouring over water.

As soon as your mug is full, you can now enjoy a freshly-brewed, single cup of pour-over coffee.

3. Stovetop Espresso

Espresso machines, even back then, were incredibly pricey and bulky. Fortunately, the invention of the Moka pot in 1933 gave the Italians a way to enjoy espresso even at home. From there, Moka pots, also called "stovetop espresso makers", became a staple.

To brew with a Moka pot, fill its bottom chamber with water. Next, fill the coffee canister (the middle part of the pot with tiny holes) with ground espresso beans. Then, secure the upper-most part (the coffee collector with the tube in the center) onto the pot.

Place the pot over medium heat. It'll take about five minutes (or less) for the upper chamber to be full of coffee.
Shut the heat off as soon as the coffee collector is about three-quarters full. The remaining heat will still push the remaining coffee out onto the collector.

You can then transfer the “espresso” to your fave cup and start drinking!

Master These Methods on How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Coffee makers are convenient, yes, but they're not exactly the best brewers. So, follow these best methods on how to make the perfect cup of coffee to enjoy better-tasting brews!

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