Keeping Your Sense of Self When You're Also a Mother and Wife

Having children is one of the most incredible things you will do in life, but being a parent is hard work. Once you become a parent, your life is dedicated to this little person, and in the process, you can definitely ‘lose’ a part of your identity. While you will of course want to give all you have to your children, there are still ways you can hold on who you once were as a person. You might think your personal style and appearance isn't all that important as a parent and often it's probably the lowest priority on your list, but actually doing so is more important than you might think. It's not to say you need to get glammed up every day, but making sure you feel happy and confident with your appearance will help you to keep your sense of self. Here's how you can go about it. 

Shape Up

If you're overweight, slimming down will provide excellent health benefits as well as improve your self-esteem. You'll feel more energised, get less tired doing your day to day activities, and more than likely feel happier in your appearance. Your clothes will fit better, and you'll be able to wear what you want. It’s not about looking model perfect but just being a healthy weight for you. Dressing for your shape can also help with this, so work out your body shape and check out some different brands- for example there is ruby rd silhouette for everyone it’s all about knowing what looks best on you. Work on cleaning up your diet, a healthy diet sets a good example to children who in time are likely to grow up and mirror your food attitudes and behaviours. You could learn some healthy, family-friendly recipes and get in the habit of cooking regularly so you know exactly what's going into your food. Finding time to exercise can be tricky as a parent, so try to find ways to work it into your routine. Instead of catching a bus or driving to nearby destinations you could walk with the pram. If your children are a little older you could get involved in the fun and games instead of taking a back seat- kick a ball around together, throw a frisbee, play tag. You'll get your heart rate up, and they will love the upbeat and interactive style of play. 

Take Care Of Your Skin

Most women find that after having children their skin ages quickly. Lots of late nights and early mornings without a good skincare routine can lead to premature ageing- fine lines and wrinkles. There's not much you can do about lack of sleep as a parent, it's just something that comes with the territory. However you can take steps to care for your skin, apply a moisturizer each morning and evening, and pop on a face mask every now and then when you're in the bath or even when you're just doing chores around the house. Apply an eye cream which will help protect the skin and can keep you looking youthful for longer. If you're really unhappy with the way you've aged or how your skin looks, you could treat yourself to a procedure. Botox and other treatments are quick, don't require any healing time and can really improve the way you look and feel. Being comfortable in your own skin is so important. 

Make Time For Hobbies and Socialising

As well as the way you look, maintaining your identity means doing activities you enjoy too. Chances are you don't get much time as a busy parent, but having at least one hobby that you can pick up when you're free can boost mood and allows you to keep your sense of self. It could be a hobby from home- blogging, crafting, baking. It could be a hobby out of the house, if your children go to pre-school or school for example you could pop out to the gym and do a workout or take a class. It could be socialising such as meeting a friend for coffee or lunch. Keeping in contact with loved ones and maintaining your support network is essential, it can be tricky to get right as a busy parent but is something we should all aim to do. It's easy to feel like a hobby or socialising is an indulgent waste of time, but being a happy parent will reflect on your children too and so make time for yourself when you can. 

How do you maintain your sense of self when you also have roles of a mother and wife?

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