Modern Concepts in the Catering Industry

The catering industry has been evolving steadily with multiple triggers over the last decade. It has progressed with a strong nudge of digitisation. A conscious approach to more sustainable and nutritious food solutions has led it towards a better future for all in the ecosystem. And now, this pandemic situation is shifting the industry trends even more towards the health-first approach. 

Here are a few trendy concepts that are shaping up the catering industry in Australia today.

Portion control with unique presentation 

All the enticing aspects of a dish presented in a single-bite sized portion in style, also known as Amuse Bouche. The best part of this is the surprise factor. It’s not a straight-up ordered menu item. It’s a complimentary platter that depends on the chef according to the nature of the event.

Back to the basics, with a twist

It’s all about street foods and homely comfort foods prepared with panache and healthy ingredients. It reminds you of the much tempting flavours in a cool fashion. 

Blend it in with fusion

It’s the perfect scope to flaunt the chef’s imagination and creativity. Enjoy complimentary cuisines forming a mix-and-match fusion dish or popular classic dishes spiced up with regional flavours. The trick lies in catering to the taste palette of a wider audience and tuning up to the style of the event.

Serve a thoughtful gesture with food

This is a growing trend with some actual beyond-the-business value in it. While the room for experimentation is huge here, a little homework makes it a sure-success. Here are some innovative ideas: 

• Create an all organic, eco-friendly menu that's vegetarian/vegan/dairy-free/or honouring other particular diet trends. For a crowd of health-conscious people, it’s a statement on its own.
• Contribute to #zerowaste movement with bio-degradable containers/cutleries and manage the organic waste responsibly.
• Endorse regional products by making delicious food with all-local ingredients and flavours.

Create stronger visual appeal

Attraction to food begins with visual stimulation and its aroma. Strong visual appeal wins over the patrons’ hearts way before they taste the food. Using fresh ingredients and bright colours lets the food aesthetics charm them right off the first glance.

Health-first approach 

It’s the need of the hour, especially at these trying times. The food must be handled with utmost care and cleanliness, following safety and healthcare best practices like contactless delivery and frequent sanitisation etc. 

Ensuring a completely healthy and safe experience for the clients through savoury treats is the gateway to become a better brand.

Networking and technology

Modern catering includes new ventures like creative event catering, direct deliveries, onsite meal catering etc. Connect with people in associated industries, like party planners, event management companies’ representatives etc. for new opportunities. Also, maintaining an up-to-date and user-friendly website and a positive social media presence is a must to capture the target market online.

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