Monogram Necklaces and How to Choose the Perfect Complementary Outfit

A monogram necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry to accentuate your outfit. The key is to find the perfect complementary outfits to match the different kinds of monogram necklaces. 


How do you put together the best outfits with your monogram necklace? 

1. Choosing your outfit based on the color of your monogram necklace

One pointer you can choose to follow is to select an outfit that will complement the color of your monogram necklace. Here are some examples:


      If you have a custom two-layered monogram initial necklace with a birthstone in yellow gold, you can pair this with a classic black dress or a white blouse and then choose a warm-toned bag or bracelet as an additional accent. A yellow-gold monogram necklace will also look quite lovely with dresses in the shades of ivory, cream, beige, brown, and olive.

      If you have a silver or white gold piece such as a celebrity monogram necklace in sterling silver, you can match this with cool colors such as green, blue, and purple. You can even choose more striking shades like emerald green, royal blue, and deep purple. You can further highlight your silver or white gold monogram necklace by selecting a silver bag, bracelet, or ring. 

      If your monogram necklace is in rose gold, you may wear shades of soft pink, mauve, burgundy, and plum. Rose gold monogram necklaces will also go perfectly well with nude colors. 

2. Matching your outfit and the style of your monogram necklace

The design of your monogram necklace should also be a factor when you choose your outfit. Elegant designs are available, such as celebrity monogram necklaces or contoured monogram necklaces. These look very classy and are best worn with formal dresses for important occasions. Of course, you may also choose striking blouses to highlight the elegant design of your monogram necklace and then wear heels with your dress pants. 

For more casual occasions where you find yourself wearing jeans, there are monogram necklace designs that would be perfect. Some of these are the silver monogram disc necklace or the bolder and more modern block monogram necklace in sterling silver. You can also be more adventurous and accentuate your casual outfits with colorful acrylic block monogram necklaces or whimsical monogram necklaces with emojis.

3. Complementing the neckline of your dress with your monogram necklace

Your dresses and blouses have a variety of necklines, and you should take this into consideration when you're matching your monogram necklace with your outfits. What are the different necklines and what monogram necklace can you pair with each type of neckline? 

      V-neck, halter, and square

V-neck dresses highlight your chest or cleavage. Match your dress with the right monogram necklace by selecting a pendant that is angular and echoes the shape of a V. The wider the V of your neckline, the larger the pendant should be. A heart-shaped monogram necklace in the right size would be an interesting piece to wear with your V-necked dresses. Refrain from wearing a rounded pendant with a V-neck, as you will look mismatched. Make sure as well that the length of your necklace is not too long. Otherwise, the necklace will draw the focus away from your neckline. 

The same guidelines actually apply if you're wearing a halter top. Halter dresses have the same effect as V-neck dresses. Choose monogram pendants with sharp or angular ends. 

Angular monogram necklaces pair best with square necklines. Do not choose a square-shaped or rectangular monogram necklace as it's redundant. Check that the length of your necklace falls where your neckline ends. If it extends past your square neckline, you will look uncoordinated and make you appear shorter. Note also that when you pair an angular pendant with your square neckline, it may highlight your jawline. So, check if this will suit you. 

      Strapless and sweetheart

If you're wearing a strapless dress, wear a choker or shorter pendants. These will draw the focus to your neck and collarbones and away from your stomach. Make sure the chain of your monogram necklace is just 12 to 16 inches long. Match the size of your monogram pendant with your build. If you're petite, go for a smaller monogram pendant such as a small celebrity monogram necklace. If you're tall, you may opt to wear the large version.

Sweetheart necklines draw attention to your neck, shoulders, and cleavage. A necklace that is short (choker or princess length) and with a wider pendant gives balance to the open space in your neckline. Choose monogram pendants with curves and soft angles to balance the sharp angles of the sweetheart neckline. 



Turtlenecks tops go perfectly well with necklaces of medium to long lengths. Turtlenecks likewise draw the focus away from your neck, so you can select larger monogram pendants to make a statement. 



Collared and button-down blouses don't give you a lot of space to accentuate with a necklace. Choose a small monogram necklace that will be perfect for daily wear. 



Asymmetrical necklines are quite interesting and eye-catching. You can wear a choker with a monogram pendant of any size as your accessory. The choker will dramatically complement your neckline's asymmetry. 


You will usually choose crew necklines for casual wear. Match your crew-necked shirt with a choker or princess-length monogram necklace. Opt for pendants that are curved, not angular. Rounder monogram pendants will be perfect. 

One very practical tip that can work regardless of the necklines of your dresses is to use an adjustable-length chain for your monogram pendants. You can then tailor the length of your necklace to the neckline of the dress you're wearing.

The options are limitless for pairing your monogram necklace and your outfit, and you can 
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