Piercings in Your 40s and Beyond: What You Need to Consider

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When it comes to piercings and specifically getting piercings, either in your 40s or later in life, there's so many different things to consider. Once upon a time, piercings were considered edgy, especially in specific places on the body. When we get piercings for the first time in new places, either in our 40s or older, you’re making a fashion statement and it can be unique because our bodies and our lifestyles may have changed significantly. There's no age limit on piercings, but let's show you a few things to consider before you start punching holes in new places.

The Aftercare Commitments

As we get older, generally it takes longer for our body to recover. So if you are considering getting snake bites piercing rings, which require two different piercings on the sides of the lower lip, you will have to be prepared to dedicate more effort and time to ensure that you avoid any complications or infections. This can potentially mean avoiding certain foods that could cause complications with the piercing area. Foods that are spicy as well as alcohol can cause additional irritations, and as alcohol can thin the blood and damage the skin cells, this can prolong healing time.

Your Professional Considerations

While most workplaces are a lot more relaxed about personal styles, especially those companies that have a remote-first mentality, you still need to bear in mind where the piercings may conflict with, not just the dress code, but your professional image. While we don't want to think that our job takes over our lives, if you've spent a long time working towards a specific role and then you decide to get a helix piercing, which typically sits at the top of the ear cartilage, this can have a significant impact on certain aspects of your professionalism. As certain areas are more prone to complications or discomfort, you also need to consider the right spot in relation to your comfort level and your lifestyle.

Jewelry Quality

Give extra consideration to the type of jewelry you prefer, whether it's a hoop, a stud, or any other style. High-quality jewelry is even more essential as we get older. Nobody wants to get an infection at any age; however, you need to find materials like titanium or stainless steel, as they are less likely to cause any problems that can result in infections and therefore a prolonged healing time.

Reflect on Your Motivation

If you are considering making any changes to your style, especially with something like a piercing, it can come from a place that's firmly rooted in our youth. Lots of people get piercings and tattoos because very simply their parents would let them. But as we get older we should feel more comfortable in who we are and this can mean that getting a piercing on impulse does not necessarily equate to feeling more confident in ourselves. Making certain changes to your style is a great way to express yourself. Age should never be a barrier to this, but you still need to consider some of the above factors so you can completely feel comfortable in your choices.

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