Restaurant Video Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for 2020

As a restaurateur, how do you make your restaurant more visible, attract new customers, and continue to grow your revenue? An effective marketing strategy with proper deployment of the video is the best answer to these questions. Video ads are 403% more likely to engage a potential customer than ads without video. While Instagram stories with #FoodPornFatigue will get a few likes now and then, you need a good strategy to make your restaurant video marketing more effective. For a restaurant, this means looking at what you want to achieve, then creating good quality videos for it. What role can video play in your restaurant marketing?


• Connecting with both new and old customers
This involves making your brand visible to potential new customers. You can do this with videos introducing your brand, what is on offer, the team, and your brand’s story. For older customers, it is all about keeping the brand on the radar. Short videos of the day or week special shared on Facebook will rekindle their taste buds and make them keep coming back.

• Announcing events, discounts and other promotions
Restaurant marketing videos are very effective when you are special events, promotions, and other community engagements. You can explain what the event is all about, discount details, special dishes and even the gourmet chef of the season.

• Brand validation
One type of marketing content that is surprisingly effective, is customer-generated video. You encourage your happy customers to make short clips enjoying their experience. This is brand validation, which creates a high trust level for your brand.

You must be tactful to make videos that are engaging and able to carry your message. Marketers with good experience in the industry recommend the following steps for good video:

• Analyzing and understanding the audience for the video

• Identifying which of the 3 goals the video is serving

• Budgeting

• Content generation – This is very important in coming up with a captivating and engaging video

Choosing the platform Different platforms are appropriate for different audiences, and content. Instagram, for example, is more popular with millennials and allows shorter videos than Facebook. This step also involves optimizing the video so that it is more visible on search engines. Remember that many people are doing direct searches on Facebook and Pinterest, so you have to apply optimization tactics depending on the platform. 

• Analyze and modify- How effective is your video? Did it generate the engagement and reaction expected? You have analytics tools to give you this info, as well as direct customer comments, likes, and shares to tell you what was good or bad and modify accordingly.

Unlike in the past, video production has become cheaper to produce, and of higher quality. Effective video marketing will make your brand more visible and trusted, for long-term business growth.

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