Self Care After Having a Baby

If you’ve just had a baby, then understandably a lot of your focus will be on your child, yet it’s equally important to take care of yourself during this time as both your mind and body have been through a lot, and this continues after giving birth, with all sorts of hormones being pumped around your body.

There are certain self-care factors such as postpartum underwear that is essential and obvious when it comes to this period of time, yet this article is going to dig a little deeper into taking care of your mental and emotional health… whether or not you are suffering from postpartum depression.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the activity of looking after your newborn baby, and of course, this is natural, but it’s imperative you take some time out for yourself too.  The best mother’s are rested mothers, and whilst you might not feel comfortable leaving baby out of your site for more than a few seconds, if you can allow yourself to have an hour or so of relaxation, such as at a spa, or even attending a meditation class, it will do you the world of good.

Similarly, you should plan some nice activities together, as a new family that is all about connecting with your partner and engaging your romantic muscles - to break up the stress and transactional dynamic of laborious tasks associated with the demands of a newborn.

Admittedly, this one can be easier said than done, but the more sleep you have the more patient and positive you will feel.  In the first few months, it can be good to take it in turns, almost like shifts, where on alternate nights you ensure each of you gets an undisturbed night’s sleep.

Exercise is a fantastic thing to do, after having a baby presuming it is gentle enough, as this releases endorphins into your body that are natural mood enhancers, whilst the social aspect and variety of going to an exercise class can be beneficial too. 

In reality, however, the majority of new mothers tend to do a workout at home - though the term ‘workout’ tends to be limited to stretching and toning rather than full-on cardio blasts… it’s important you are gentle with yourself.

Having a baby, and being totally responsible for a new life can be an overwhelming experience that some people find difficult to manage.  There’s a lot to learn and a considerable amount of fear in making a mistake, so get as much support as possible, whether this is from well-informed friends and family or a specialist.

Also, when it comes to getting support, don’t be afraid to see a counselor if you’re not feeling on top form.  Postpartum depression is a real thing and can affect many new mothers - so be sure to look after yourself, as the best way you can be a good mother is to be a healthy mother.

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