Selling Your Property? Style It Like a Show Home

If you’ve ever had a tour of a new housing development, you’ll know that the contractor’s show home is always absolutely perfect in every way - I mean it’s immaculate. That is, of course, no coincidence; they have staged the place so that it will look as appealing as it possibly can.

The idea is to build in the buyer’s mind the most profitable scenario which can be derived from your property. If you can actually increase value through a few home remodel solutions, this can really help. Some of these remodeling ideas are very affordable, so it really pays off to do them. Additionally, as  points out, such remodeling solutions usually have advantage even if you’re not selling. Consider an exterior deck, for example.

If you’re looking to profit from your home, whether you’re selling it out, you have a room for rent, or you’re thinking about becoming a host on Airbnb, is makes sense for you too to stage your home. The more attractive you can make your place look, it stands to reason, the more likely you are to make a sale quickly and get a good price for your property. The good news is, it’s possible to style your home like a show home for very little money...

Clear Out the Clutter

First of all, if you’ve ever been in a show home, you’ll know that there is no clutter to be found in them. Only things which could be considered essential, such as couches, TV’s and dinner tables, for example, are to be seen. If you’re renting your home, rather than selling, you probably aren’t going to be able to make your home that sparse, but you should still do your best to get rid of anything you no longer want, love or need and hide away behind closed doors anything you do. 

If you are looking to sell up, then it may well be worth your while to get rid of the clutter and then put all but the best and most necessary pieces of furniture, and especially your personal belongings, into storage. If you do this then, not only will your home appear more spacious, but prospective buyers will have an easier time of ‘imagining’ the space as their own, which should be good news for you!

Clean It Up

Once the clutter is gone, then you’re going to want to give the place the full works -the spring cleaning to end all spring cleanings. No one wants to stay in, let alone buy, a grimy home, after all, So, from baseboards to ceiling, make sure everything is sparkling.

A Lick of Paint

If your property hasn’t been decorated in a while, it’s worth thinking about renovating and sprucing it up a bit with a fresh coat of paint. This will undoubtedly make it look and feel much fresher - just try to stick to neutral colors which are unlikely to be off-putting to potential buyers for whom bolder choices might not be to their taste.

Find a Focal Point

In the living room especially, it is never a bad idea to access the space and how you're using it. If your furniture is all pointed towards the Tv, for example, switch it around so that the easy chair gives you a great view of the garden or the couch is centred around the fireplace - this will make the first impressions of anyone interested in your home even better. 

As well as that, try to arrange the furniture in such a way that the floor space in the home is maximized. Do this in every room, and the whole house will feel much bigger.

Make Use of Mirrors

Something else that is great at making properties seem not only bigger, but also brighter than they already are, are mirrors. Due to the fact that they reflect the space in front of them and the light, back into the room, they have an expansive affect that you should aim to capitalize on before selling.

Flowers and Fruit

When you’re styling your home in a bid to sell it, then you need to think about those little extras that we all enjoy bringing into our homes, and which help to make the place really feel like a home. Flowers and fruit are both ideal on that front. Flowers because they look amazing and smell even better and fruit because a well-placed fruit table, set in the center of a kitchen island or dining table gives one the impression of a wholesome family home. Of course, plants, freshly baked bread and even cupcakes can all work well too - it really depends on what kind of market you’re trying to attract.

Replace the Shower Curtain

When it comes to the bathroom, replacing the shower curtain and bathroom rugs, ensuring that they match and that they are pristine is a really affordable way to make one of the most important (in terms of selling) rooms in the home seem more appealing. 

New Faucets, Shower Heads and Handles

If you have a bit more money to spare in the bathroom, then investing in new faucets, a shower head and even handles for the cabinets is a great way to bring things up to standard. Doing the same thing, minus the shower head, in the kitchen, will help to elevate that space to a new level of loveliness too, and since the kitchen is probably the most important room for many buyers, anything you can do to make it more appealing is very important.

Layers of Linen

If you want the people viewing your home to have images of cozy nights in, lots of comfort and almost more warmth than they can handle, you need to get serious about your linens, Not only might it be a good idea for you to buy crisp, clean new white linens (egyptian cotton is always good), but you should also buy enough of them so that you can build up lots of layers on your bed, Make the room look like the coziest most luxurious hotel room you’ve ever stayed in, and you’re sure to impress.

Create a Fancy Foyer

The foyer is the first part of the interior that they’ll see, so it needs to impress. Hang a chandelier, repaint the walls, install some fine wooden furniture and placer lots of cut flowers around in bowls and they’ll be so blown away that they’ll immediately judge the rest of the property more favorably.

Good luck selling your home - with these styling ideas you can’t fail!

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