Signs Your Family Might Have Outgrown Its Home

As time goes by, families grow, both literally and figuratively. As a consequence, the time inevitably comes when you start wondering whether your current home is really meeting your needs. Are the kids, for instance, going to be willing to sleep in bunk beds when they’re teenagers? Probably not.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to realize you’ve outgrown your home. But there comes a time when you’ve just got to be honest with yourself and ask whether the house you’ve got right now is meeting your needs. Here are some telltale signs you might want to think about moving.

You And Your Kids Spend All Day On Pinterest Looking At Different Homes

Here’s a sure sign your family wants to move: you spend all day on Pinterest looking at other people’s homes. How about not just looking, but actually going out there and making your dreams come true?

You Have No Idea Who Your Neighbors Are

When you first moved to your home, you knew exactly who all your neighbors were. But as time passed, the old people moved away, and new people moved in. The new people, it seems, weren’t as friendly as the people who used to live in your local area and you have no idea who they are.

New neighbors can mean a loss of community spirit, but they’re also a sign that it could be a good time to sell. If lots of new people are moving into the area, it shows that there is high demand for housing in the neighborhood. And if there’s high demand, you should get a better price when you sell.

Your House Is Cluttered

According to Shiply, a removal company, people often move house because of all the clutter that’s filling up their walkways. Clutter in the hall, landing, and stairs is a sure sign that you’ve outgrown your current accommodation and need to move. One of the most common reasons for outgrowing your current living space is if you or your kids have hobbies. DIY, biking and sports gear all take up a lot of space and can result in clutter slowly migrating into public walkways.

You’ve Fallen Out Of Love With Your Home’s Quirks

When you first discovered the home you live in, you feel in love with all its little quirks. But now that you’ve been there for many years, those quirks you once loved are little more than an annoyance. Perhaps you like the way the floorboards creaked when you first moved in: it gave the house a sense of character. Now, though, you’re fed up with it. Every night when the kids go to the bathroom, you get woken up.

You’re Bored Of Your City

Some people love living in the same place all their lives, but many others get bored. Eventually, families spend all their time traveling to places other than their hometown. Again, if you find yourself driving for an hour to eat a meal at a restaurant out of town, there’s a good chance that you’ve exhausted all that your home city has to offer.

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