Sleeping Arrangements Giving You a Headache? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Add More

Now that Christmas and the New Year are coming, it’s time to start sorting out our sleeping arrangements for when guests come. To help you out, we’ve put together five useful tips that will help you locate more sleeping space for when your guests arrive. However, these tips can also be used well beyond Christmas and festive seasons, so consider this a guide on how you can add more sleeping space in a home regardless.

Sofa beds are fantastic pieces of furniture if you regularly find yourself hosting guests. (Source)

Converting into a Guest Room

One of the best ways to add more space is to simply convert a room into a guest room. This could be a temporary measure, such as converting your youngest child’s bedroom into a spare room for a few nights, or it could be a long-term project such as renovating the loft or basement to turn into a fully-functional bedroom. You’ll want to look at a mattress shopping guide to find the most comfortable mattress at an affordable price. Your guests aren’t going to appreciate being asked to sleep on a wooden box, so don’t skimp on this especially if you have guests over on a regular basis!

Sofa Beds

You can technically turn any sofa into a sofa bed if it’s long enough, but for maximum comfort,  you’re going to want a specialised sofa bed that is made to transform into a working bed. These can be relatively expensive if you want a good-quality one, and some of them require external mattresses to get the full effect. However, most of them can be operated easily and will turn into useful extra beds for your guests or even for you so that your guests can take the bedrooms.

Bunk beds

Bunk beds are a fantastic way to add more sleeping space to an existing room. They can be relatively cheap, but the inexpensive ones are usually more flimsy and are targeted towards children that weight less than adults. Bunk beds can look tacky, but they’re a good solution for adding a bit of extra sleeping space to a room.

Air Mattresses

If you have extra space on your floors then an air mattress is a great way to add a temporary sleeping space. They can be pumped up relatively quickly (with a machine, of course!) and they can even be stored away with relative ease. If you find yourself struggling to add extra sleeping space, then air mattresses are a cheap and effective temporary solution. To make them a little more comfortable, invest in high-quality blankets or a higher-quality air mattress.

Folding Mattresses

If the feeling of sleeping on a bed of air doesn’t feel great, then you can take some inspiration from the Japanese and purchase a folding mattress that can be laid out on the floor. Again, this takes advantage of extra space that you have on the floor and they’re surprisingly comfortable and convenient. They can simply be rolled away instead of deflated, meaning you get back your space the moment you pack them away.

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