That Good Old Fried Chicken Is Good For You

Fried chicken like that of Big Mumma’s Fried Chicken is good for you. Yes, it is. This delicious fried goodness garnered notoriety for being an unhealthy dish according to many. However, the fried chicken does have health benefits that many are not aware of.

Don’t skip the fried chicken. Don’t feel bad watching people eat while you sit in one corner in envy. Go ahead, get that fried chicken piece and enjoy. There’s more to the fried chicken than its crispy skin. The Big Mumma's Fried Chicken is a testament to this.

Let us uncover some of the benefits of the world’s loved fried chicken 

Here, There And Everywhere

Before we get to the health benefits, let’s present the most obvious. Having fried chicken is convenient. Every street corner would have some sort of fried chicken joint. You have access to it almost anywhere you go. Also, cooking it yourself is simple. Preparing the fried chicken only has at least five steps (depending on your secret style). One can have this delectable crispy delight in no time. 

Teeming With Protein

Chicken is a good source of protein. You get a good 31 grams of protein for every 100 grams of chicken breast (boneless and skinless). This number is already enough to take care of the recommended protein intake for the day. Even better, the protein in chicken is packed with amino acids. In essence, you already get a complete meal by having your favorite fried chicken.

Relatively Easier To Digest

The body gets its nutrients by digesting the food you ingest. The maximum effects of your food’s nutritional value depend on how easy or complicated it is to digest. Chicken, for one, is relatively easier to digest compared to red meats such as pork and beef. Also, chicken dishes including fried chicken are advisable to aid in digestion. It is recommended for those who are suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome- pardon).

Ready, Set, Go!

The mouthwatering and ever-delicious fried chicken is a good post-workout grub. This is supported by a study on cyclists conducted by the University of Montana’s Department of Health and Human Performance. They subjected 11 cyclists who all completed a 90-minute ride. Some were given fried chicken/fast food while others were provided food supplements.

The study showed that there’s no glaring difference in blood glucose and insulin levels in all 11 cyclists. This means the fried chicken is as good as any food supplement after a long and grueling physical activity. Note, however, that these cyclists ate their fried chicken/fast food and took supplements immediately after the competition.

Flexibility For A Healthier Version

Fried chicken is so good because of its batter and everything else that comes with it. However, let's follow the "your fried chicken, your call" mantra. You can level up your fried chicken’s nutritional value by making an even healthier version. 

Do you happen to have some organic herbs and spices in the cupboard? Yes, you may use them! Bought that new air fryer? Sure, use it according to its specification! Wait, you think your oven is only good for baking cookies? Wrong. You may bake your chicken instead of frying. Baked or fried, doesn’t matter. It’s your fried/baked chicken anyway.

Final Thoughts

MODERATION IS KEY. Everything taken in excess is always bad. This applies to our favorite fried chicken as well. Nothing should stop you from having a piece. Also, it is essential to have adequate physical activity. Whatever diet you are in, playing sports, or doing some form of exercise is essential to keep your weight in check, retain good vital signs, and maintain a physique that’s the envy of many.

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