The 5 Best Air Mattress for Most People 2020

Are you in search to find the best air mattress available in the market this year? The high-quality air mattresses can become really handy whether you want to go camping or often have a guest’s stay over. For enjoying a sound sleep at night anywhere, everyone wants to have an inflated bed mattress that is easy to set up, convenient to carry to another place, and is compact enough that you won’t wake up in the morning with a backache. Air mattress is also used as a floating device due to its buoyancy but is most popularly used as the inflatable mattress. 

A standard and high-quality air mattress should offer decent back support, durability, overall comfort, and security that the whole setup wouldn’t collapse to the floor overnight. Besides this, it should be easy to inflate and deflate most probably less than five minutes. When the space is congested and limited, blowing up an inflated air mattress would be the best bet to accommodate the people. 

Though it isn't exactly the same as the traditional mattress, with an air mattress, you will still be enjoying a decent comfort while traveling, camping, or guests' stay over. Air mattresses can be best used with Timber Bed Base from Eva, which is easy to assemble, even without any tools, usually within five minutes. It has the coating of a stain-resistant that makes it handy to store if you don’t need it at times. 

However, choosing the best air mattress from the plethora of products available is quite difficult. We have got your back in this regard and have scoured a list of the 5 best air mattresses with top-rated customer reviews on which you can count on.   

1: SoundAsleep Dream Series
This hyped and top-rated air mattress isn’t cheap but it surely is cost-effective as it does exactly what it claims to do. The SoundAsleep air mattress is usually priced at $120 but is ranked as the most durable. Although the customer reviews on the Amazon for this mattress are more than 11,000 with a 5-star rating that speaks about its comfort and durability. 

The mattress is more on the taller side and you will be sleeping approximately 18 inches off the ground. It weighs around 19 pounds and the air coils help the mattress to maintain its structure and shape and unlike many other models, it is quite heavy. It has a 30-day return policy of no question asked and a warranty of one year. 

2: Intex Comfort Plush
As everyone knows that while shopping for an air mattress the most important factors are height and durability. Fortunately, the queen size Intex Comfort Plush air mattress comprises of both these must-haves along with a strong and sturdy bottom made up of vinyl. The height of this mattress is approx. 22 inches and costs around $79.

The Intex Comfort Plush comes only in queen size and a flocked top along with a built-in pump that has the power to inflate the mattress in less than 5 minutes. It doesn’t come with a warranty or they haven’t described their warranty terms anywhere online. This mattress supports up to 600 pounds. 

3: Insta-Bed raised 
Most of the air beds deflate overnight when you wake up in the morning with an aching back, you came to know that you were sleeping on the ground all night. Insta-bed’s Never Flat technology has solved this issue and is counted as the most durable air mattress in the market. It has a special feature to keep the mattress inflated and intact throughout the night and its whisper-quiet pump has the features to automatically adjust the height to prevent sagging.

It costs around $148 and claims to be perfect for the outdoor as well as indoor use. The cost factor makes the customers reluctant to buy it but the reviews are quite positive and the customer says that it worth the price.

4: Coleman QuickBed
If you want to have a luxurious airbed to rest your head during your next adventure, then you should consider this durable, double high, and comfy air mattress of Coleman. It costs around $100 and is made up of high-quality PVC. It features a comfortable and soft faux suede base to give it a touch of luxury. Besides this, it comes with an electric pump and Airtight system to ensure a leak-free mattress. 

5: Intex Deluxe 
This air mattress has a pillow raised bed rest and comes with a built-in pump. It is engineered with fiber tech construction technology. The high-power electric pump inflates the mattress in less than three minutes. There is no need to carry extra pillows and the outer perimeter frame provides extra stability. It comes with a duffel bag that makes it easy to store and convenient to travel with. 

It is here to be noted that the list provided above is not ordered on any specifications. It is provided to a short overview of the 5 best air mattresses available in the market that you should choose. Every individual has a different budget, need, and requirement so you can select any of these accordingly.

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