The Best Italian Restaurant Foods That Should Be on Your Bucket List

Should you find yourself traveling to Italy one of these days, don’t forget that you try all the top dishes of the place. Italy is one of the best countries that offer fantastic food and flavors that anyone will surely enjoy. From meat to seafood and from pasta to mouth-watering desserts, there’s really so much to discover in this beautiful European country.

However, if you can’t be in Italy right now, don’t fret. As Italian cuisine is so popular, surely there is one restaurant near you that offers a plethora of dishes of true Italian origin.
But which dish on the menu should you try?

Here are the best Italian restaurant foods that you should include in your bucket list.
1.    Pizza Margherita
First in the list is the famous pizza Margherita, which is created in Naples by Raffaele Esposito to honor Queen Margherita of Savoy. What makes this dish extra special is its simplicity. It’s a tasty Italian food that every tourist must try during their visit. Topped with basil, tomato, and mozzarella, this pizza is undoubtedly flavorful.
2.    Porchetta
Another reason to visit the wonders of Italy is the pork roast dish named porchetta. Rubbed and wrapped with delicious herbs, the meat after roasting becomes manna from heaven. Bursting with flavor and juices, this delicious food is available across Italy. When you go to an Italian restaurant, the dish is commonly served on sliced focaccia.
3.    Bistecca Alla Fiorentina (Florentine steak)
If you want to experience a meatier version of Italian dishes, then Florentine steak is a must-try food for you. This traditional breakfast can be found in every restaurant menu, especially in Florence. For a bucket-list-worthy food experience, have the steak cooked rare over hot red coals.
4.    Risotto with Lemon and Prawns
Risotto with lemon and prawns can be an absolute food highlight when traveling to Italy. Mainly found on the Amalfi coast, this Italian dish is renowned for its juicy lemon. The perfect combination of the shrimp and the lemons makes it a flavorsome food during hot summer days.
5.    Melanzane Parmigiana (Eggplant-Parmesan Bake)
Melanzane parmigiana is a tasty option for vegetarian tourists. Although it originated from the south of Italy, this dish is served in almost all restaurants in the country. The eggplant is oozing with cheese and tomato, which makes it one of the best foods that should be on your bucket list.

6.    Prosciutto e Malone
Italians are also famous for their cured meats. Prosciutto is a ham leg that is wrapped with salt for many months and then air-cured for one to two years. This dish has become a prominent appetizer throughout the country. As it is usually paired with melon, the sweet flavor of the fruit adds freshness to the salty ham leg.
7.    Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia (Spaghetti with Cuttlefish Ink)
Do you love exotic foods? If so, then you must include this fantastic Italian pasta dish on your bucket list. Infused with black ink from the mollusk, spaghetti al Nero Di Seppia is addictive. Better look for this exotic pasta on the menu to perfect your Italian escapade.
8.    Orecchiette Pasta with Broccoli Rabe
If you like to eat traditional Italian pasta, orecchiette is what you’re looking for. Freshly Made from fresh ingredients, the taste of this food is suitable for colder months. However, you should have a lot of patience because the dish is hard to find, even in Italy.
9.    Cannoli (Sicilian Pastry Dessert)
Another must-try when you visit in Italy. Commonly known as “little tube,” cannoli is made of crunchy pastry shells filled with creamy ricotta. Taking a bite will take you to food heaven.

10.    Gelato

When it comes to desserts, Italy has some of its best. Gelato has been a distinctive Italian ice cream that all people want to try. It may sound strange but what makes this food unique is the absence of cream. It’s a milk-based dessert with intense and appealing flavors. No Italian cuisine experience is complete without gelato.
11.    Tiramisu (Coffee-Flavored Italian Dessert)
Of course, it’s a natural feeling to look for something sweet on your food bucket list. Served around the world, the coffee-flavored dessert tiramisu is a favorite of many. Its melt-in-your-mouth goodness will melt your heart, too! It’s also one of the best dishes that can be a perfect ending to your Italian meal.

Final Words

Being able to try some of the greatest foods in the world is one of the most exciting parts of traveling to Italy. Created from each region’s culture and traditions, their dishes are undoubtedly one of the best because of their fresh and seasonal ingredients. However, you don’t have to fly to Italy to have such gastronomic experience. From delicious main courses to savory desserts, you can have a taste of Italy in Lex Restaurant. Go now and tick these exquisite foods off your bucket list!

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