Top Food Influencers on Instagram in 2020

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Top Food Influencers on Instagram in 2020

Influencer marketing on different social media platforms, especially Instagram, has now become a must for every business.

Certainly, the food industry is not an exception since it has a lot of fans seeking for newest tastes on Instagram.

If you have a business related to food or even if you are a fan, we invite you to be familiar with some of the most influential accounts on Instagram. It can definitely help you learn about different cuisines from east to west and choose the influencers who best match your brand.

1. @minimalistbaker

2,669 posts 1.7m followers


With 1.7 million followers, Minimalist Baker sits at the top of the list of food influencers on Instagram in 2020. This account welcomes every eater with different lifestyles. The thing is that the account offers you simplicity in its recipes.

2. @skinnytaste

3,726 posts    1.3m followers


Wanna eat the best food and still remain skinny?!!! We strongly recommend Skinny Taste which ranks number 2 on our list. It can provide you with the best healthy recipes to be every bit as skinny as the beautiful profile picture!

3. @smittenkitchen

3.026 posts 1.2m followers


With Smitten Kitchen, you can find any new favorite food recipes to cook from Indian to French. This account belongs to a food blogger providing you with tons of cuisines to try out & enjoy it with your family.

4. @halfbakedharvest

2,788 posts 1.1m followers


The last account with more than a million followers is Half Baked Harvest owned by Tieghan Gerard, a food photographer, stylist, recipe developer, and cookbook author. She has offered a Super Simple cookbook in her bio and has a must-see profile.

5. @whatsgabycookin

2,905 posts 541K followers


For sunny California cooking, you can go on “What's Gaby Cooking” which has more than 500,000 followers. Gaby has also a website providing more than 100 of her favorite simple and fresh recipes.

6. @joythebaker

2,517 posts 462k followers

Number six in our list has more than 460,000 followers at the moment of writing this post. Joy the Baker is also owned by a woman who has written several cookbooks. She has also a website providing classes related to cooking.

7. @feedyoursoull

4,341 posts 323k followers

 Feed Your Soull is owned by Gissele Alzate, a food content creator, who you can easily contact using Gmail address.

8. @acozykitchen

3,218 posts 247k followers


Adrianna Adarme is the owner of A Cozy Kitchen with more than 240,000 followers. she is a recipe maker, photo taker, and a mom!

9. @themodernproper

1,671 posts 208k followers


The next account in our list is owned by Holly Ericson and Natallie Mortimer who have been able to gain more than 200,000 followers. They have a website on which you can find their favorite recipes.

10. @bakerella

1,112 posts 145k followers

 Angie Dudley is a blogger and writer of a bestselling book named “Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats”. She runs BAKERELLA with more than 140,000 followers.

11. @localhaven

2,584 posts 129k followers

 Ashley Marti is another woman running a food-oriented account on Instagram, Local Haven. She has more than 120,000 followers and works as a food stylist and recipe developer.

12. @emcdowell

2,272 posts 110k followers


Erin Jeanne McDowell’s oven is always on, as she has said on her account, E McDowell. She is also an author and site owner and has been able to gain more than 110,000 followers on Instagram.

13. @ashrod

1,889 posts 104k followers

The next account has gained about 104,000 followers and its owners do not agree with food without salt.

14. @cococakeland

1,447 posts 101k followers


Lyndsay is a baker, a blogger, and also an author who lives in Vancouver in Canada and has gained more than 101,000 followers.

15. @jakecohen

3,781 posts 100k followers

 The last account with more than 100,000 followers on our list is owned by a man, Jake Cohen. He is the editorial director of TheFeedFeed and is working on his first cookbook.

The following accounts have less than 100K followers but are worth to look at and learn many different things.


2,327 posts 77k followers


17. @feedtheswimmers

1,812 posts 73k followers


18. @meatballssmama

1,522 posts 72.6k followers


19. @abrowntable

1,719 posts 61.9k followers


20. @pastrywithjenn

1,940 posts 55.7k followers


21. @wellandfull

740 posts 44.7k followers


22. @justinchapple

2,329 posts 43.6k followers



Influencer marketing has become a lucrative market on Instagram, particularly in food industry. Consequently, many fake accounts with fake followers are working in this field, based on Social Tradia. It is, therefore, highly recommended to choose influencers wisely and based on proven list like the one we offered above.

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