Which Diet Plan Suits You? Paleo or Keto?

When it comes to diet plans, there seems to be thousands available. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which option will work best. Some of the most successful plans that you may be considering include Keto and Paleo diets. These two tend to offer nice solutions for eating as well as help lose weight along with inches. Learning more about the two plans can help to decide if one will work for you dietary needs as well as weight loss goals. 

The Paleo diet takes a cue from the eating habits of humans from the Paleolithic era. The typical diet plan will include lean meats, fish, vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts. These items were what humans would have gathered during the Paleolithic time frame. 

Those who try this diet will not eat foods that are sourced from modern agricultural methods like dairy, grains or processed foods. Everything needs to be fresh, which leads to a healthier lifestyle. Basically, you eat like a caveman. Followers of this diet plan believe that the body is not meant to adapt to processed foods so diseases form, such as diabetes and heart conditions, along with obesity. 

Another option is the popular Keto diet. Technically known as the Ketogenic Diet, this option focuses on making ketones for the body. The diet includes drastically lowering or even eliminating carbs. The body is then able to shift metabolically from relying on glucose for energy and will use stored body fat instead. 

The keto diet focuses on meats and cheeses as well as fibrous vegetables. Basically, you want to eat items that are zero carbs or as low carb as possible to stay in ketosis. 

Those who follow the keto plan tend to lose weight as well as inches. However, it can cause issues with the intestines. It is recommended that along with the food choices you make, attention is given to your bathroom habits. A cleanse can be effective in jump-starting this diet, to avoid any issues like trapped gas or constipation. 

Such options as can be used to help with colon issues in order to successfully stay on the diet in the most comfortable way possible. 

Considering Both Options
Changing the way you eat is a big deal. Every person is different. While some people have strong willpower, others cave easily. Think about your own personality. Do you have difficulty saying no to bread? Do you have time to plan out every meal? If the answer is yes and no to both questions, the paleo diet may be better for you because you would have an easier time planning your meals and still eat bread, depending on how it is made. 
With keto, the diet plans takes a great deal of strategy and planning. You must make sure your carb count stays low and your body will then begin to lose pounds as well as inches. 

These two diet options are great for weight loss. However, they must be followed correctly. Talk to your physician today about the two diets, to see if either is a good choice for your weight goals. 

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