Why It's Always A Good Idea To Buy Your Own Coffee Machine

Let's be real here. No pleasure-seeking adult an resist the charms of coffee. The aroma of the roasted beans that whiffs through your nose as the barista carefully drips you a cup - Ugh. That alone is too sexy too handle.

We all have different reasons for starting to drink. Some of you may have grown up with caffeine-loving parents and being part of that crowd must've been your dream all those years. When you're finally old enough to take your very first sip, your longing, curiosity, and craving for the miracle beverage is finally soothed - and you can't seem to get enough of it ever since. 

For others, coffee may have been your first social drink. During high school or university, some of your friends may have invited you for a cup. Since it's obviously the most sophisticated and socially-appropriate thing to do, you agree without hesitation. Well, guess what? You just downright fell in love with it that you don't know what to do with yourself anymore. That is, aside from keep drinking. Check this fun write-up about it:

Anyway, people have constantly fallen in love with coffee over and over again. The bittersweet taste, bold smell, and revitalizing buzz are a few of the irresistibly good qualities of expertly brewed coffee.

Take note that I purposely used the word "expertly." What comes next is probably a dilemma you can all relate with.

Why Bad Coffee Is Worse Than A Heart Break

Just imagine:
You are so in need of a caffeine refill so you head down to the nearest shop that sells a nice, hot brew. Brrrrrrgh! You hear the loud sound of what would seem like a dying coffee machine but you were too decaffeinated at the time to even care. So, you patiently wait for a good 5-7 minutes excited to grasp that warm cup and take a sip of the blissful buzz.


Whoa. Something definitely does not feel right. Yes, it's bitter. Yes, it's black. But it wasn't coffee - at least you thought it didn't deserve to be called with the same way. It was a bland, ugly brew - devoid of all pleasures any good old cup of coffee would have. 

This here, my friend, is the perfect depiction of the word "disappointment." Coffee is supposed to salvage whatever good is left in a bad day, not make it worse. But that's just it. Coffee can either make or break your day and that is why you have to be more selective of every cup you drink (read more about how you might ruin your coffee here).

Since you're such a connoisseur yourself, why not try making your own perfect blend? If you can never be too sure about someone else's brew, then why not rely on your own taste? Trust me; you can save yourself from a whole lot of heart break. You can save a lot from not having to buy all those overpriced cups of coffee too!

But before you can call yourself your personal barista, the first thing you need to do is acquire the equipment you need to become one.

How To Become Your Own Barista Overnight

Okay. I'm not talking about going professional here so don't come up to cafes looking to apply for a barista position after reading this one article. Unfortunately good sir, this short article does not have the authority to ordain you as a certified barista. We can, however, tell you a little secret to how you make perfectly good brews at home.

Buy a superior quality coffee machine.

"That's the big idea?" is probably what you're saying right about now. Well, yes, this is the big idea. It's really that simple. Do you think professional baristas nowadays make coffee with their bare hands? No, they use the same kind of machinery as well. It's really not that unusual considering the fact that technology is strongly involved in our lives these days.

So if they just use machines to serve you your $5 coffee, then why not just afford yourself the same machine and make your own dose of caffeine at home. Just imagine: You'll never have to leave home just to grab a buzz ever again. 

If you really think about it, the average person spends $2 on commercially sold coffee per day.

Assuming that person drinks coffee everyday with the same intake, that sums up to $730 in a year. With that kind of money, you can already buy a state-of-the-art coffee machine that you can use for years and years. Not to mention, you can create brews that are perfect for yourself. You'll never have to feel the anxiety of drinking bad coffee again.

Once you get a machine like Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, it's just good caffeine through and through.

However, you don’t just buy any old coffee machine. You have to make sure that you get your hands on the very best one. And here’s how you do it:

Check The Material

Everything really comes down to the material used to make your machine. Remember that since you’re brewing something at scalding temperatures, you have to choose something that can withstand the heat. If you choose a device that is made largely of plastic, you might just regret it. Chances are likely that it will not give you your money’s worth. Choose something that’s durable even if it means having to pay a little more. Water-friendly and lightweight materials are ideal to choose in this case.   

Read Online Reviews

Oh, I have come across so many coffee machines that look great but brew bad-tasting coffee. This is due to the erroneous design of the device. The filter may be too weak or the pressure the builds up may lack in power to really juice the roasted beans. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important that you check out online reviews first before you proceed to buying your home machine. A barista is only as good as his device and technique. Remember that! 

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