Why You Need To Pivot Your Career To The Essential Business of Financial Services...NOW!

Just a couple of months ago the term "essential business" wasn't part of our vocabulary. Today, it is the one of the most important topics to address and think about when talking about the livelihood of millions of Americans. 

What's essential are jobs and businesses that are vital and needed to keep our country working and moving at its core. The basics and fundamentals. What many people are facing now and shocked to find out is that they have built entire careers in non-essential industries like hospitality, marketing, coaching, etc. 

According to Fortune, financial services is deemed by government as an essential job and business. This is key for so many professionals who are looking to pivot their businesses into an industry that will withstand the coming and going of the economy over time. 

Partner with the fastest growing financial firm

Would you agree that the key to success has to do with timing?? Would you say that partnering with a firm that is no longer in the start up phase, but now in the explosion phase a good business move? Or would you rather wait until the market is saturated before starting your business? Timing. It is literally money.

A business that people NEED

From the top of the government to every home's kitchen tables, would you agree that people need help and solutions to key financial decisions for their families? Would you agree that we need more agents educating middle class America with key solutions to ensure their lives are protected and they never lose their retirement money? 

A necessity driven business is essential for the economy. It is essential for families. 

Get a license without a college degree

The key with an essential business in insurance is that you don't need a college degree. A state license and continuing education, weekly training and business system is what you need to become an expert in the field of financial services in insurance. It costs hundreds and thousands less than a college degree with a limitless earning potential. 

Work remotely

Another reason why the industry of financial services is essential is the ability to work remotely and completely online. With technology such as ZOOM meetings, clients and brokers have the ability to meet from anywhere in the country in the comfort and safety of their homes and help the masses. 

Scale to grow nationally

For those who have a BIG VISION the industry of financial services in insurance with PHP Agency will give you the ability to start your own national franchise where you are building remote teams nationwide. 

Zero to low overhead

With business trends moving to remote teams, you will have low overhead with no office rent, utilities, etc that it takes to build brick and mortar offices nationwide. This gives you more fluidity and faster abilities to scale nationwide without having to invest tons of cash. 

Low start up costs

To begin your journey in financial services, all it takes is to enroll for your system training and plug in for a one-time fee of only $199 and obtain your state license. You can build a business of multiple six-figures to a million for that low investment, hard work, dedication and lots of grit and tenacity. 

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