Beat the Back-to-School Blues with Delicious Kid-Friendly Recipes

Beat the Back-to-School Blues with Delicious Kid-Friendly Recipes

With school in full swing, we know mealtimes are often the best chance for families to spend quality time together. The Idaho Potato Commission’s collection of kid-friendly recipes offers flavors that appeal to tiny taste buds without sacrificing nutrition. These recipes, along with hundreds of others, will help you and your family head back to school with clear minds and full stomachs.

Get mornings off to an egg-citing start with Mexican-Style Eggs in a Nest. These protein-packed Idaho® potato nests can be prepped beforehand and placed in the oven to hatch while you gather your chicks! 

Picky eaters? The Crispy Sesame-Idaho® Potato Puffs are delicious by themselves or can be paired with various dipping sauces to fit your child’s preference. Whether used as trading tokens around the lunch table or saved for an afternoon snack, the Parmesan and sesame-packed puffs are perfect at any hour of the day

For a sweet treat, the Idahoan Potato Crackers make killer PB&J cracker sandwiches. Pile this gluten-free cracker with any combination of nut butter and jam for a tasty snack that is easily adapted for food sensitivities.

Reduce time in the kitchen by preparing the Idaho® Potato Dinner Pizza Frittata in advance and popping it in the oven about 25 minutes before setting the table. Loaded with broccoli and eggs, important nutrients your little ones need are found all in one gluten-free dish! 


Visit Idaho Potatoes for many more back to school recipes. 

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