Strawberry Pineapple Halo Halo

Video created by and sponsored by Kenmore

Halo Halo is a one of the most favorite and classic Filipino desserts. Traditionally made with exotic fruits like jackfruit, colorful coconut jellies and sweet red beans, this icy and milky treat is most notably topped with ube (purple yam) or mango ice cream, a bite of leche flan and crispy pinipig (glutinous rice crisps).

I teamed up with Kenmore to create a stateside version with the same ideas of taking fruits and jellies and topping with ice cream. 

I took fresh strawberries and cooked them down with sugar as the base, delicious sweet pineapple, blueberry jello and topped the ice blended with milk with strawberry ice cream and rice crispy cereal.

This is a real treat to try at home! Enjoy!

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