10 Beach Essentials For Baby You'll Need This Summer

Summer has the best temperatures for beach visits with the baby. Last year, a friend came over from Singapore to visit the beautiful beaches over the holidays alongside. Before preparing to travel, they had asked me to prepare a list of items that would work perfectly with the baby during beach visits.

This was an exciting experience through challenging at first, but when the reality dawned on me that the parents took the list to the core, and it worked perfectly for them, my joy was made complete.

Below are some of the essentials that I did a write up on and worked well for the family and the baby enjoyed all the comfort at the beach.

1. Beach toys.
This included a small colored bucket with a shovel to ensure that the baby is kept busy playing along with them. Inside the buckets were some small sized balls that the baby could throw and rush for them along the beach and the baby enjoyed to the fullest. Crawling in the sand, hiding the ball in the sand were some of the most exciting adventures for the baby. Playing with the water and sand table is a great way to get them outdoors.

2. Sunblock
Before visiting the beach, it’s advisable to apply the sunscreen on the babies face avoiding sunburns especially if the baby is not used to sunny and humid conditions that are usually experienced on the beaches. The Aveeno sunscreen or the Baby gains can do perfectly for this kind of a visit.

3.  A tent or an Umbrella.
Beach visits do not take a few minutes, and you are out. At times, one may spend hours enjoying the atmosphere around. The sunny and humid temperatures may not be perfect for the baby, and as such, it is important to put up a tent to provide a shade such that after the baby plays out, they can have a rest on the artificial shade meanwhile as you prepare to go back home or to the hotel room.
 Most beaches provide tents that have UV protector rays to help out from direct sunlight.

4.  Water shoes.
Whenever visiting the beach, ensure that the baby has shoes that are water resistant to avoid wetness should they step in the water and with the normal shoes on, it would be a lot of discomfort for the kid. In any case, they are not able to walk safely without splashing the water all over as an adult would do.

5.  Slippy Cups.
When on the beach, it’s important to keep the baby hydrated as the scorching sun may drain any stored water in the body. For extra fun and to ensure that the sand particles do not get into the cup that has water, a sliding cup is recommended such that even if it falls, there is no chance of the contents to get mixed up with dirt.
Ensure that the baby remains hydrated at all times during the beach visit.

6.  Snacks
Children often get hungry more quickly than adults. To ensure that you enjoy the beach visit to the maximum, keep them full by carrying snacks to take during the time you will spend at the beach. Otherwise, your day will be a nightmare with a lot of cries and unnecessary disturbance because of hunger. Fruits and fresh veggies will work perfect while on the beach.

7.  Wet bags.
 When in the beach, the child is expected to play all along, wet themselves with water and dirtily with sand, carry along all sorts of baby fun and at the end of it all, they will look "miserable," and they, therefore, need to change.
A wet bag will be essential since it will separate the clean and dry clothes while being packed in the bag after a long day play.

8.  A blanket.
In as much as one has to carry a beach bag to spread while resting, a small blanket can work as an additional item to increase the sitting space and give the child enough space to play along.

9.  Baby powder.
With all the fun that the baby keeps enjoying, he will get into contact with stick sand on the hands. Baby powder is very effective when rubbing the hands to remove the sand. The stick hands will be cleaned gently pending the main shower after the beach visit.

10.  Swim diapers.
When on the beach, the baby may need to get often changed because of messing with water. It’s important therefore to carry several swim diapers to prevent water leakage to the body that may be uncomfortable for the baby. Ensure that there are two or three extra pairs of clothes for changing in case the baby get wet along.
When all this was done, believe it, the excursion to the beach was out of this world. Baby comfort and safety is important as it can make or ruin your day.
This article is written by Sophia Nguyen, Sophia Nguyen, the founder of Healthy Baby Happy Earth

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