10 States People Are Fleeing From


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Recently, a growing trend has emerged in the United States, with many citizens making long-distance moves or relocating to a new country. This need for change doesn’t come as a surprise, especially with the unpredictable circumstances prevailing worldwide.

Several factors can contribute to an individual’s decision to relocate. The most prominent driving force, however, seems to be the prevalence of remote job opportunities and the flexibility of workplaces. And while this transition into work-from-home jobs might have come around eventually, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly accelerated this shift.

Many people have also reshuffled their priorities and now prefer seeking a more relaxed and enjoyable way of life. This may be why there was a nearly 60% increase in inbound moves to cities like Miami, Florida, after the pandemic. With its beautiful beaches, vibrant cultures, and thriving job market, it makes perfect sense for people to make this move, regardless of distance.

Another leading reason for these moves may be the changing family dynamics. More people want to be close to their families or have better prospects for their children, which often drives them to relocate.

Here, we list the top ten states US citizens are fleeing from and the primary forces behind these moves.

1.       New Jersey

New Jersey ranks among the top outmigration states in recent years. This state’s living cost has reached sky-high for many residents, especially with steep property taxes and daily expenses.

As this migration trend continues, long-distance moving companies have become essential partners in facilitating these moves. For instance, for those who want to relocate from New Jersey to Miami, making an approximately 1200-mile trip is incredibly challenging. But hiring a long distance moving company in Miami can make this shift a lot smoother for an efficient transition.

2.       Illinois

One of the primary reasons people are moving out of Illinois is due to the challenging economic conditions of this state. The elevated taxes, mounting debt, and high cost of living, mainly in urban cities like Chicago, have made it impossible for ordinary people to live stress-free.

Moreover, Illinois severely lacks good job opportunities with an overly saturated market in all major industries. Even the humid continental climate of this state has forced some residents to move across the country, where there’s milder weather and better environmental conditions.

3.       California

The escalating housing prices, steep taxes, and an overall high cost of goods and services in California have made it increasingly difficult for people to live there comfortably. While major metropolitan cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles may offer better-paying jobs, living costs are extremely high. This makes it near to impossible for a typical resident to afford a simple lifestyle.

California is also prone to several natural disasters like droughts and wildfires that have significantly impacted the quality of living in this state. Most residents had to suffer through a decrease in property value due to these disasters, making an already challenging routine even more difficult.

4.       New York

Since the pandemic, more individuals and families have opted for living in less densely populated areas and a lifestyle change. Moving out of New York has helped them achieve this on both accounts. The state’s business industry and regulatory environment have also influenced some companies and entrepreneurs to relocate to more business-friendly states.

For other people, New York’s harsh winters and the desire for a milder climate have motivated them to seek warmer regions for a more comfortable living experience.

5.       Washington

Washington is another state with high costs of living, high property taxes, and astronomical expenses that a typical wage cannot compensate for. The average expenditure is even higher in urban cities like Seattle, where most people come to settle in the first place. However, other problems like traffic congestion and overcrowding of metropolitan areas have also forced many people to move out of Washington.

6.       Louisiana

One leading factor for those moving out of Louisiana is the susceptibility to natural disasters, particularly hurricanes and flooding. These incidents have caused property damage and disruption to residents’ lives in recent years. Due to this, many individuals and families migrated to seek more stable and secure environments elsewhere.

Additionally, Louisiana has faced economic challenges, with limited job opportunities in certain regions, prompting people to relocate to states with stronger economies and better employment prospects. High crime rates in some urban areas have also influenced people’s decisions to move to safer communities.

7.       Connecticut

Besides the increasingly complex financial burden in Connecticut, residents of this state also have to face challenges in the workplace. Most industries here have limited growth and offer few opportunities to achieve professional milestones.

8.       Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s aging population and a lack of attractive job opportunities for younger generations are one of the primary reasons why so many people are fleeing this state. Many young professionals are seeking more dynamic job markets and career prospects in other states, leading to an exodus of talent.

Moreover, Pennsylvania has faced disastrous economic challenges, and some regions have experienced declining industries, further impacting job opportunities and wage growth. On top of this, the state’s high taxes, particularly on property and income, have also contributed to some residents seeking more tax-friendly states.

9.       Michigan

For several decades, Michigan has relied and thrived on its manufacturing industries that have heavily supported the state’s economy. But the recent challenges of this industry and subsequent downsizing have led to plenty of job losses. People are therefore leaving this state to seek more stable work opportunities.

Additionally, Michigan’s harsh winters and colder climate have influenced some to relocate to regions with more moderate weather conditions. Besides this, the allure of states with better educational and healthcare facilities has motivated families to move for better opportunities for their children.

10.   Massachusetts

The high cost of living, especially in major urban areas like Boston, has dramatically affected the lifestyles of many residents. Additionally, Massachusetts has been experiencing slower job growth in certain sectors, prompting professionals and companies to seek better employment opportunities in other states. The flexibility of remote work options has also led more people to explore other regions with potentially more affordable living conditions.


For most states, a high financial burden and a depleting economy are the most common reasons residents are fleeing them. It’s likely that with time, these conditions will continue to worsen, leading to more outbound migrations, especially from the above-listed states.

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