3 Easy Environmentally Friendly Gardening Solutions

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There’s nothing quite like designing, tending to and/or sitting in your own beautiful garden, cultivated with your favorite plants, trees garden and maybe even vegetable patch, that is of course when you have the time, as motherhood is flocked with many responsibilities. 

When you do have time to donate to a spot of gardening you may notice a disruption, such as a swarm of a particular fly or insect that could be eating away at your plants, or perhaps the shrubs you planted are not flourishing, and the flowers are lacking luster. There could be a few reasons behind this, one of them being an imbalance in the natural ecosystem caused by pollutants and disturbances we may be emitting in our own gardens. Take a look below at a few of the ways you may be disrupting your gardens environment and what easy greener practices you can use to restore it. You can check gardening tips and reviews at StapleSearch.

Gardening Equipment

Could your choice of gardening tools such as an oil-powered mower or noisy hedge trimmer be disrupting the ecosystem of your garden? It’s highly possible as powered lawn mowers release toxic air and noise pollution. To restore a peaceful Eden, opt for a mower with a reel cutter, as push mowers are far more advanced and easy to use than they once were. Equally using hedge shears opposed to electric gardening equipment will reduce the noise output scaring away birds, squirrels and friendly insects that keep the natural order of your garden in check.

Feeding The Birds

Using chemicals is a renowned go-to solution for most gardeners wishing to rid of pesky slugs and insects whose interests lay in feeding on your beautiful flowers and vegetable patch. However, there is an alternative solution to using chemicals to keep undesirable insects and bugs at bay, the answer is to purchase a few bird feeders and plot these around the garden. In doing so, you will attract natures natural slug eliminator. Inviting birds to sit in your garden will introduce them to your insect problem and help you to keep it in order without the need for harmful pesticides and other chemicals that can also affect the health of your little ones when they are playing in the garden. This is an effective environmentally friendly solution to many gardeners problems and gives you some time and money back from spending money on chemicals and having to regularly spray it around the garden.

Compost Bin

Save the money you would ordinarily spend on purchasing compost to support and help grow healthy plants, trees, and veg and look no further than your own food waste. By using and placing a plastic bin outside, add vegetables, fruit, egg shells, shredded paper, coffee grounds, tea leaves etc continuously to begin forming your own compost. It will take around 6-9 months before you can use it on your own garden but well worth the wait. By composting, you will help the environment by putting your food waste to use opposed to landfill, and also create a cocktail of nutritious soil for your greens. Some of the benefits of compost are it helps prevent plant disease spreading and acts as a natural fertilizer. Which means composting will provide you another greener gardening solution besides birds to refrain from spraying toxic chemicals on your plants and so forth.

The suggestions above provide environmentally, time and pocket-friendly gardening solutions that you can involve the children with, to restore and support the natural balance in your garden, by using push activated lawn mowers, natures birds and making your own compost, opposed to using toxic weed killer and pesticides, pollutive gardening tools and purchasing compost from stores.

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